America Vs. Britain

America or Britain?

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America or Britain, which is better and why?
I know there is no need for a battle between the two, but I only mean this in good spirit for a bit of fun.

Id obviously say Britain. In Britain we can drink at 18. We can leave school at 16 meaning we make more choices concerning education. We dont have guns in Britain. We cant sue the ass off of people for no reason at all. Everyone whether rich or poor has the right to a health service (even if it is of poor quality). British people can laugh at themselves and they can generaly take a joke. We invented all the best sports (even though we suck at them). We invented the worlds main language. We once owned a third of the world. Oh god the list goes on. America is just a succesful spin off to Britain… like Frasier was to Cheers. Ill save all my other arguments for later.

spinoff yes… successful has yet to be defined however…


I would move to Britain this second if it were possible.

The biggest factor for me is the friendliness of the people. That speaks to all kinds of other things going on in your society that have value.

:astonished: Jesus Christ ! - Which England did you go to…?

Britain, obviously. No contest, really. We invented America. It’s like asking ‘which is better, man or God?’…

(pun about whether God invented man or the other way round very much intended)

And have 9 year olds who get pregnant while having drunken, unprotected sex…

And have a lower adult literacy rate than Cuba…

Yes, we do. We’re even planning on a post-Trident nuclear arsenal, for some unknown reason given that we already possess enough of the fucking things to destroy most of American and China…

Frivolous lawsuits as a career is an American invention, but there have been absurd abuses of the legal system for as long as there has been a legal system, and I believe that the British one is the oldest in the world…

Everyone has the right to it. Not everyone gets it. If it worked I’d be extremely proud of it. It doesn’t. We should of course scrap private medicine but Blair lacks the balls…

Well, better than the Americans, anyway…

There’s never been a non-British cheese rolling champion…

And let it become bastardised by the Americans, the Canadians and the British… The average Dutch person speaks better English that the average Brit…

A fact which they won’t let us forget and constantly use during diplomatic negotiations. A word of warning to future Empire builders - try to not to apologise for having done it once it has collapsed, otherwise the bastards have got you over a barrel…

I have no idea if the British are friendly comapred to any other nation, I guess we probably are. Were defiantly polite, that stereotype usualy runs true. Ive been to Germany, Austria and Italy and they are all much less polite. But one thing to note about Brits is that they are bitchy, we talk about people behind their backs.

Imp, you kinda just argued against America in that post.

SIATD, your just nit picking. Most of what you say is true, but it doesnt make Britain any worst. This is a battle between America and Britain, your post didnt realy ut the two up against eachother, it just slagged off Britain.

What pisses me off about America is the quick solutions to everything. Crime in the neighborhood? Buy a gun!! Feeling sad? Get some pills! Marriage problems? Get a divorce! McDonalds didnt make it 100% clear that eating junk food all day every day would make you fat? SUE!

My theory is that Americans are essentialy made of all the adventurous people from Britain (mixed with a whole bunch of other races including irish). All the smart people stayed in Britain whilst the adventurous ones that just wanted to fuck loads of women, get drunk and kill some animals went to America for a darn tootin good time! its a shit theory, but whatever.

#-o [Accidently double posted please ignore this]

Italians are the kings and queens of friendliness, British in comparision aren’t even the ministers. Germans are as cold as British, but calmmer and less gloomy. Austrians are Germans, last time I checked.

That’s not right either, you guys talk about people right in front of them. k?

Yes Italians are the friendliest, Germans and Austrians are pretty much the same, Germans are colder than Brits!

Germans are most similar to the English, both aren’t exactly living Jesuses - that I’ll let you have it.

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Actually, the largest ethnic group in the US in German.

Anyway, when I was in England the people reminded me of kids. I think that could be attributed to having a secure cultural identity, but I’m not sure what the reason.

Also, I believe that you guys have a strong ethic about being able to make conversation, due to the cultural value of wit.

Meanwhile, in the US we have guys like Jerry that can’t stand people smiling at them. He is certainly not alone in that.

We have a highly competitive population that’s lucky if they can string together a good sentence or two.

I find it annoying.

Don’t think I live in that England…


Perhaps you’re spoiled.

Let’s be honest, Nietzsche never went to England (unless I’m mistaken). I don’t think that he’s really in a position to say…

The weird thing about many of the English people that I met was that they wanted to move to America. Many people reported that they were interested in the space and varied landscape. That’s fine, but my my concern is communal atmosphere, and I think that people used to it would have trouble adjusting to a cooler social climate.

Polite is wholly different from friendly.


Nieche met enough English peeps though. Helen Zimmern being one of the most famous. I think she had a crash on him. Well, I guess Nieche was offended that she walked like a dove with no rhyme. He read enough English stuff, including Shakespeare “the great barbarian”. He read much news, studied much industrial Britain at that time. With his kind of socialogical and existential genius, these were enough. I’ve been in England for four years and I have yet to figure out why David Whittaker who lives upstairs, talks to himself every five or ten minutes…

They were being polite.


Interactive and polite make quite a good inroad to friendly as opposed to not wanting to even look at a person. In the US your will be lucky if a person even looks at you.

However, I do know what you mean. In our southern states people are famous for being very polite and interactive. Edit: however the people of the area mentioned to me that people were just being polite.

I recall an encounter in Virginia where a bunch of guys invited me over to their table at a bar. I went over thinking that these guys where going to be dangerous, because if the same thing happened up north you can bet they would have been. However, the guys just wanted to talk. I looked like I was from out of town. That’s the kind of friendliness that I found in the UK, but with better conversation.

So, perhaps what I’m describing is not a total deep friendship, but it is a possible beginning to it, and that’s all that can be asked.

LOL… america is strong, I wouldn’t say america is “better”…