American Culture

Do Americans ‘push the product’ so far and so hard that its ruining other Cultures.
By culture i mean “pop culture”. Music, food(fast food), clothes, art and everything else we Americans Do.
Is American culture dominating the world? Is this Good or Bad?

If So, What remedies should we suggest to fix the problem.

If someone decides he prefers “American pop culture” over anything else, well, that’s his own decision. If everyone around the world decides that, same deal.

I truly believe that Americans are pushing the product so far and so hard that it’s ruining other cultures. But I don’t think it fair to single out Americans, all cultures do this; or more specifically it isn’t the cultures that do it but the people. I’m not sure how to instill morality into it, because many will give the argument that if business is slowely dying out you need to find some sort of a coersive way to keep yourself making money then you will enter legally or illegally into other markets whether they be within your area or even outside of your country. Also, people will use any form of marketing, advertising, brainwashing, low key lying, to get you to buy their products - so that they can bring home the bacon.

It’s tough to say, but maybe this will help you understand; my belief is that if a family is hungry, there are no jobs to be had, no people that will support them, I am in agreement with one or all of the members of the family to go out and steal food in order to survive. Before criticising this view, imagine your family the one in this example.

Whether American culture is dominating the world is not clear to me, but I know many are complaining about this - they still fail to provide any evidence of this. But many are complaining about the same thing in respect to Japan. Whether one country or all countries dominate the world market is irrelevant to me. What matters is how the market is dealt with and that people are treated fairly in context to market.

Youngman stated:

Very good question. An answer to it could take a life time of research and study. I wish I could even give a concise, or some kind of a simple answer - a basic theory even, but I can’t. My first problem being is that I am not aware of the problems themselves. I don’t mean that I don’t know that people are being underpaid; what I’m talking about is really knowing the problem, as in who is responsible for implementing such laws, who is responsible for the people and why they haven’t done anything, how these people are suffering and what their options are, etc, etc. But I am very glad you asked the question because it is true delving into a topic; most people are satisfied with just complaining about a problem, but never ask or wonder why; or more importantly how it can be changed. I will give this further thought and do my best to come up with atleast some kind of suitable answer to your question.

Till later…

I’m not even quite sure as to what you mean by “american culture.” I don’t really know what the differences are in other countries being I’ve never traveled outside of this one.

It’s funny though… your two signatures.

“Only a life lived for others is a life worth while .” Ein

“I swear by my life and my love of it that I shall not live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for the sake of mine”–John Galt, from Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”

It’s called cultural imperialism (search the www, you’ll get a ton of articles about it), many people blame this imperialism for the rise of extremism such as Islamic, and also for the resurgance of the far right in Europe as the EU tries to do it’s own brand of cultural imperialism on it’s members (Haider/Le Pen/the dutch guy who got murdered (sorry forgotten his name)).

On an interesting side note, did you know that the more diverse an ecosystem, the better it survives. Do you think the same would apply to our cultures, our social “ecosystem”?

I am very much against cultural imperialism.

cba1067950 I assume you are reffering to America. It may surprise you to learn that many people, not just the vague term countries, actual people hate America and all it stands for with a vegence. They despise you, wish you would all die and rejoiced at the atrocities of Sept 11th. Even here in England there was a meeting in London of a bunch of guys CELEBRATING the anniversary of the attacks! Celebrating it! It’s disgusting. America is blamed for many of the worlds ills and sometimes, it is quite rightly accused of crimes it very well did commit. But sometimes leaders of countries use America as a scapegoat for all ills within their country. So these people do have a good reason to hate Americans, but not as much as they do.

Sorry, just noticed that. Biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever heard. Basic survival of the fittest is no moral system, it is the ultimate in viciousness, suffering and exploitation.

You can figure out that not all that many people like america even if you are american. It’s pretty obvious but the degree gets warped in the translations. I can’t figure out why though. Teachers here actually suggest the idea that everyone is jealous which is really just annoying. They say stuff like “They are jealous because women here are allowed to show their eyebrows and face and drive cars”. I guess arrogance is reason enough to hate us. But come on you’ve gotta admit I am kind of better than you… :unamused:

Yea I read about that. Weren’t they mostly islamic extremists though? Or is that just some biased people are writting to piss everyone off?

But looking at the whole thing. Does it make other people any more right for hating us? It’s at the point where no one speaks their mind but everyone has a grudge against each other which just ends up turning into disaster. I think if people would talk and the listeners were open minded the whole thing would be solved.

It’s hardly “cultural imperialism”. Let’s start with four facts:

  1. People the world over have been exposed to American culture
  2. People the world over have adopted American culture
  3. No one ever held the people who have adopted American culture over their own at gunpoint and forced them to do so (well, not since the abolition of slavery 150 years ago).
  4. People do things either because they are forced to or because they want to

Now, why do YOU think American culture has become widespread? Here’s a hint: it’s not “cultural imperialism”, but more like “free will”.

It’s a system that leaves men free to deal with each other on whatever terms they are able to agree on, free from any outside influence whatsoever. How is that immoral?

Are you kidding?

Have you ever lived in another country?

People may be wearing jeans but they are not becoming Americans.

I can imagine Kurt as a 12 yr old american living and learning from only what he is told. While Innocence is bliss so is ignorance.

Blue jeans are a part of American culture, are they not?

Funny you should say that…where I live and with the family I have, if I believed everything I was told I’d be farther to the left than Chomsky’s left hand. Let’s dispense with the ad hominems, shall we?

Does eating sushi make you Japanese?

Being a different nationality and practicing a different set of beliefs are two different things. Even if it’s just a part of a culture I would assume that it would still count. I’m not sure if this is what kurt was getting at but that’s my view on it.

i think people are becoming americanised. pretty much everywhere i have been in the world has had american films showing in their cinemas, the people drink coke, smoke marlboros, wear american lables, and, naturally, wear jeans.

Well i must admit this has got the blood rushing for some and others the blood near boiling point.

Americanisation, isn’t the problem, the problem maybe Globalisation but to have a remedy one needs to know the problem itself. Now one problem we are all aware of is Nestles powered milk fiasco. This is a prime example of what youngman is touching upon…Mothers in 3rd World Countries are given free Powdered Milk to give to their child, by the time they run out the powdered milk the mothers own milk has gone dry so cannot breast feed the child. She has to BUY the EXPENSIVE powdered milk form someone, and over dilutes it since it is EXPENSIVE. (Clever ploy isn’t it?!)

Building upon this i would have to agree that with youngman to a degree. The clothes one wears may not make you american but the television that we watch does have alot of American shows and so forth…so we too are captured by this different and ‘free society’ with the great ‘American Dream!’

However the point made by Youngman was making was America dominating the world…i have my own theories about who does control the world and will not indulge in those theories as of yet, but if you watch the news you will notice about the size of childern and parents of today…they are over weight, reasons to this are to be blamed upon AMERICAN companies so thus meaning our cultures have been infected by American culture!

Thanks for your time to read this people!

First off, wearing some form of clothing doesn’t make you a part of a culture. White American’s can wear asian styled clothing all they want, but they will never become a part of Asian culture.

But, I seem to notice that although “American Culture” permeates the whole world, every nation and culture adds their own flavor to it. Take Hip-Hop in Britain. Hip-hop became big over the last decade or two across the world. But in Britain and other countries, hip-hop artists have emerged from their own countries, taking the basics of hip-hop from America and making it a cultural aspect of wherever they live. The same way in America Latin tinged music became a riot overnight, but has now slowly become fused with our sulture and music. I think every society draws on aspects of every other society to determine it’s own culture. So, I guess, to me the idea of “American culture” overrunning the world can’t happen, because eventually each seperate culture will build something out of the “American culture” thrown at them and create to become an aspect of their own cultural identity.

American culture suffocates all others

Wohoa Kurt, I think you should do a little research before you start spouting off what is and what is not. I told you there’s plenty of web resources on “cultural imperialism”, so look it up. It may not be the best term for what is happening but it IS the ACCEPTED term by the majority of academics. Much like the ill named “mathematical induction”, the imperialism part of cultural imperuialism is not totally accurate, but has points of contact.

Actually, I think Imperialism is quite a good word for it, however, don’t think of guns and soldiers, think of advertising and jelousy as the American weapons of choice. Did you know that MacDonalds are trying to get a world UN Macdonalds Children day? So the saviour of children across the world is a highly unprincipled, disgustingly rationalised, American Fast food Giant. Enough said.

The trouble with American culture is that it’s popcorn culture, it’s very easy to adopt, but has no real meat to it (much like a MacDonalds Meal™). It empitomizes American advertising, all style and no substance. It’s fine for a country that is stinking rich, but for a poor country it leads to mass unhappiness because the wants that an Americanised culture generates far outstrip the supply. They don’t have the luxury production that America does. It’s better to have a culture promoting high morality, piety, etc. as it will keep the general populace happier than if they woke up and smelled the roses.

And I do wonder how true the question I asked earlier is: did you know that the more diverse an ecosystem, the better it survives. Do you think the same would apply to our cultures, our social “ecosystem”?

Yeah, right. Just to break your moral code run this scenario using a “free-market morality”. Man X has all the oil in the world. He can afford to buy all the weapons in the world. He can then turn the world into his playground. You think that works as a moral system? What stops him from becoming an evil dictator? According to your system it’s all moral! That sound like a good moral system?