Americans....describe your experience at the polls today

Today some friends and myself are driving around the city voting, because we have nothing else to do a full tank of gas and a stack of joints. Because we live in different places across the city we have different polls. So I’m gonna come back here later and report any irregularities I find. You should do the same, or at least tell me how you felt when you voted. This should be a good place to start a nice discussion about things like voter intimidattion, fraud or any other hilarious things you might see. I’ll be back. Gotta drive now.

I blacked up and put on my biggest ‘vote Obama’ t-shirt and for some reason they wouldn’t let me in.

I live in sunny and very blue California and we had no problems voting
at all. Total time waiting to vote between wife and I, 5 minutes, voting time
5 minutes, and total time spent, 10 minutes. Then we went to the beach
and ate lunch in sunny 75 degree weather, all in all, a great day.
now off to the local watering hole to watch the election.


I voted the second day of early voting and no particular problems other than a crowded polling place. It took about 30 minutes to get my ballot and vote which was faster than what I expected. I live and vote in a blood red state, so I was just pissing into the wind…

I just got home. The lines weren’t terribly long, about a 45 minute wait. I passed the time by chatting up the people around me and laughing at a little kid who was extremely fascinated by all the trophies on the walls (I voted at a high school). Went pretty smoothly, all in all, and now I have a pretty little sticker that proudly proclaims, “I VOTED!”. Yay me.

I was harassed by racists who were campaigning too close to the poll. There were cops all around the area pulling people over and searching cars.

You guys are seriously hilarious.

I just had to go and vote for Obama so that Romney and Paul wouldn’t start wars all over the place and rape everyone making under 250k a year. Like physically rape them. I did it for you mainstream. You’re a Canadian. As a non-American, you’re always a target for war. Think about that man.

There is not much to report. I went in and presented my ID, they handed me the ballot. There was a basket of candy miniatures, so even though I usually do not consume junk foods, I decided that voting was a special occasion (even though it is not) and grabbed a miniature Russell Stover caramel thingy. It was okay.

There was no line and there were two empty voting stations when I went to vote. I filled out the ballot and finished just as they were telling a gentleman he would have to wait until a station cleared, (someone else came in and got the other empty one) but I announced I was done and he went over and took my spot.

Due to force of habit, I tucked their pen behind my ear and they asked me to put the pen back, I complied, turned in my ballot folder and made sure the ballot sheets were dropped into the box, they were, I left.

About ten minutes, but this year’s ballot was longer than usual and I was really torn on one of the State Issues and still hadn’t really decided.

Voter fraud in Ohio.