Americans exceptionally stupid.

Ever try to have a random conversation with an American on the street?

I try to often with complete strangers as a sort of expirimental testing with the population at large to guage people’s intelligence or ability to pay attention to detail. So far, it only results in entertainment and amusing irony.

99.9% of them don’t read the news and have no idea what is going on in the world let alone outside of their own zipcode.

When I challenge people they will say the world is too negative and destructive where they rather not be stressed out thinking of such things which in reality is the mark of a slave.

It’s a sort of magical way of thinking I guess where if one doesn’t think about things in real time that it doesn’t exist.

Americans exceptionally stupid, arrogant, hollow, and phoney.

How they get so many stupid people congregated into one nation is beyond me.

I guess it’s true that the average attention span of an American is akin to that of a gnat. The funny thing is that as an Amerikan myself I am considered weird , eccentric, crazy, and odd by other Americans.

How do you like that? Fuck!

I’d be interested in hearing about specific conversations you’ve had with strangers or any conversation topics if you can remember. I’d like to know how you’re judging intelligence and attention.

Americans in general are probably no more or less ignorant than people in other countries. i don’t imagine you’d have better success striking up random on-street conversations with strangers anywhere else in the world either.

You should keep in mind that how one reacts depends on how you approach them. i would suggest that perhaps what a person says when confronted unexpectedly by a stranger on the sidewalk is NOT in fact the best gauge of their intelligence or awareness. They are reacting to YOU, not whatever it is you’re talking about - They think “Who the fuck is this guy and what are his intentions here?”.

Tyrannus, maybe the reactions and the answers of the “strangers” you accost on the street are not because they are stupid. Maybe they are a little shocked by your attitude. So far, from what I have observed, here on ILP, with your approach to any subject and aggression to any feed-back it’s surprising to me that no-one has smacked your nose through the back of of your face.

I don’t really read the news, and I certainly don’t know too much about the sexual predilection of Australia’s current Prime Minister, or their gender, for that matter–but how are these things any more relevant to my intellectual prowess than the density of my nose hair? Deipnopsophistry isn’t indicative of intelligence but mimesis, and if you’re aware of everything that’s going on in the world right now, you’re probably not doing anything fantastically important with your life (except perhaps illegal surveillance to an unprecedented degree).

Do they call you Peter Pan because you’re a fairy?

Closet homo?

Those that don’t pay attention to the world lack critical thought and the ability to question things which for me is the mark of high intelligence.

Hard to question anything if you don’t know about the environment around you, don’t you think?

How about the current economical structure of the United States or the real motives for America’s military imperialistic expansion into the Middle East for starters.

Congradulations, maybe you have an edge. Now you can use your IQ to make resentiment, by looking down on people, or you can stop from looking down on people, and appreciate your rare gift extremely. How ever gifted you are, will determine if you are just a hateful smart ass, or someone who is wise.

I only concern myself with power and wisdom that aids keeping it once conquered.

Any wisdom that does nothing in acquiring or maintaining power is useless to me along with all its followers.

What are the meanings of power, the qualities of it, the nature of it?

 Exactly. What about the power of love? That isn't just a thrown away useless cliche by now is it? Or is it?  Power is such a loaded word, that it is almost impossible to use without context.

If you mean the power of love as in to bullshit human sexual relationships, society, and even the family household into ridiculous fictional narratives completely opposite of their actual being, then yes I think we can conclude a power to love.

So, critical thinking and an inquisitive nature are then peculiar only to those exceptional individuals who read the paper? Knowledge of one’s environment comes, not just primarily but exclusively, from the associated press?

Your second sentence is fun–at least for me. You see, there was a philosopher by the name of Rene Descartes who questioned quite a bit while intentionally ignoring ‘the environment around him’–this was quite a thing in philosophy, worthy of note, one may say commonly studied in the field–and the environment around you is a philosophy forum, so… indeed, it is hard to question anything, but that sentence is a masterpiece of irony.

I suggest calming down a bit and reading some more books.

Opposite of their “actual being”? What’s that mean?
Are we fakers when we do nice acts, and we are truly beings of pure parasitism and opression?
I met my share of truely nice and good people. Your human nature ideas are based on the most negative aspects of a decadent country, but if you were in the right country, you’d be singing a different tune. Now I see you as very unlucky.

To Dan:

Yes, exactly just that. Phoney and fake.

A majority of the platitudes of human beings describing themselves as good, noble, virtuous, moral, ethical, and so on to me is deeply phoney.

I don’t know why human beings do this. Maybe people are so disgusted with a deeply selfish nature that they can’t help but exhibit that they create fake narratives of themselves to make themselves look more better than what they actually are. To make themselves appear more human than human.

A better country to live in? Where’s that? The entire world is fucked.

To the mysterious __________:

Current events is merely reality of what is going in the world around you.

A lack of knowledge of current events within a people might suggest a lack of activity of participating in the world of things that actually matter.

Associated press? No way. I get my news separate from state propaganda television.

Yes, ‘a lack of knowledge of current events within a people might suggest a lack of activity of participating in the world of things that actually matter’, or, it might suggest a panoply of other things. Let’s discuss solid things, or at least insofar as we can solidify them. What aspect of American Life do you find needs the most attention? What specifically do you find wrong or unappealing about it?

The agency you get your news from doesn’t really matter, it’s still at best secondhand information. You didn’t personally experience the purported gas attacks in Syria (I presume), nor did you accompany Colombus on his investigation of the Americas, and so you must inform yourself by the accounts of others.