Americans exceptionally stupid.

You tell me, Tyrannus. Your the one living in the “Magic Kingdom” :smiley:

It seems you’ve made your mind up entirely. You’ve made a choice. Now, when people are humble, truly humble, they are more likely to accept changes to their beliefs and personality, because they don’t trust their mind and self as if it were something great and right. People who are non-humble form absolute opinions about God usually, and are like fundamentalists. They say they are humble and pious, but they do not realize their limits to know the truth. I wrote it better than that in one of my texts at home. Hubris is the over-trust in one’s own ideas, over estimating one’s truth and self, which is the source of almost every error of unwisdom and evils. The wise realize they know little, but they still try to know more. When the unwise think they know much, they see no need to know more.

I’m discribing an evil which you probably think is common in humanity. And it is common. But a palm full of people are different and better than that. That small group is golden, despite its small size. It means it is possible to be right and wise, benevolent and proper.

It’s not just America where the average person is intellectually challenged, the average IQ for humanity is 100…that’s pretty scary… it means that most people are drones .

Good point. I exagerated creating this thread speaking about only Americans, still I like to to tear down here our arrogant sense of exceptionalism while I am at it.

I hate a majority of people in this country that I have to share space with.

Why, just today I heard somebody telling an American vetran, “God bless you”, where I felt like vomiting in my own mouth cringing at the fucking sight of them walking by.

Would you prefer it if everyone had exactly the same opinion as you? I like the fact that many people do not agree with me, it makes life more stimulating.

I’ve never asked for such.