Amero $

I answer the question of this thread (“Do you think they will accomplish it?”): Probably yes, but if not, then war will have started before. Each human has to calculate that there will be at least one war in his country during his life (averagely there is war in each country about every 70 years, and if not, then this war takes place in other countries), and this is because of economic or political desasters which are caused by humans with much greed, thus much will to power. It is always the same: those people get the power and do what other people have to pay for; and in the end the price is war. And when I say “war”, I mean a real war, not an economic war (which always happens!). Basically the US governers have the choice between “keep it up” and “stop it”, between “accelerator politics” and “brake politics”, but almost always they choose the first one (“keep it up” / “accelerator politics”) which can also be called “expansion”.

Remember what Cecil Rhodes once said: “Expansion is everything”!

[tab][size=200]“Expansion is everything.” - Cecil Rhodes.[/size]
They try to expand economically and politically, and if there is no other means possible anymore, then they will start war - as usual. Instead of “war as politics with other means” we can also say “politics as war with other means”. One phenomenon remains in any case: expansion. Expansion happens because of the will to power.

The example of the Euro shows how the Amero can start and end, but, because they don’t want this end, they try to expand in another way, with other means, for example: the Globo, preferentially at last war, because war is the last means, brings the end of this cyclic process; after it a new cycle begins and ends - of course - with war. If they don’t expand, then others expand. That seems to be an “unwritten law”.