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I’ve already posted my opinion on some of the feedback at the bottom of the page. David Smith is the name.

It’s good to jolt people out of the same dumb routine every once in a while. I read in the humanist magazine that some people do similiar things on the day after thangsgiving to protest consumerism. street theatre, etc. One of the more interesting ones is to buy a bunch of stuff and then return it on the same day, now that would get Wally World’s attention.

Yeah…it sure would…almost as much as staying home and not buying anything… :confused:


yeah… i never do that kinda protest. If I wanna protest I’ll just stay away from buying the produce/from the store. That is a slow and steady way of getting people’s attention- and means you don’t get into trouble in the process.

It is not always good to “stay out of trouble”. Civil disobedience for example has played a major role in animal rights cases where advocates have broken in and taken videos of monkeys being abused.

It is a better idea to try boycotting the system first, then produce leaflets and advertisements making society aware of your campaign and then if necessary taking part in non-violent trouble. If you fail to try the system first you’re cause will lose its good reputation.

I think starting that way is good. Some people have to see big guns before they run though.

Making people aware is a good idea. Knowledge and education are one of the most lasting and influential ways to change society. I would say that there has never been a successful revolt without a major paradigm shift somewhere.