An Enquiring Mind Wants to Know

“None of” what? And “like” what? Amorphos, I do not know what your point is. You haven’t read my last post, have you? Please read it! Probably and unfortunately you don’t know what she wrote and what I wrote some days ago, because - unfortunately - Mags has deleted the posts (but I have the copies!). And why should I response to this nonsense in general? Can you tell me that? And why do you not write me a pm? Is this thread the “thread of the Last Judgement” or the “ILP kindergarten thread”?

There is no problem at all, except an ballooned one. I hope we can call it “Problem Descending” (do you have humor?), because now it is still a “Problem Arising”. But why should I care about it? it is an almost empty problem, Amorphos!

If you really (really!) want to know why she had that emotional outburst, then read my post above or/and write me a pm! Do you not know that also princesses are able to insult?

Howsoever, Amorphos, I hope I get some texts from you.

Hey …(?) …!

Be very careful, dear Amorphos: she is a “lady”! :wink:

Thanks, I had already quoted and then deleted them in this thread (not in my personal computer), because I thought that you would delete them again. :laughing:

I do not know what I am going to do in this case, because this ballooned problem of nearly nothing is a strange experience.