An enquiry concerning racial understanding

Sydney like the Vienna of Hitler’s days can be described as the junk yard of humanity. The city itself is messy, dirty and polluted. Its inhabitants compose of the most horrible wrench. Uneducated, poor, rude, arrogant, stupid and cruel. The city lacks unity, in fact it can not claim any vestige of unity on any ground for it is such a diverse, disorderly collection of trash ever assembled from all corners of the planet that it is absolutely filthy, backward and dirty.

A man is a herd animal, he desire to belong to a group, a party, a country, or to whatever that leads him forward towards his home. When he is at home, he is happy. For his home conforms to his will. All conflicts that make a man unhappy arise from transgression against the will, meaning the existence of an alien in opposition. Man is most happy if the world is bent to his will. All conflicts of the past arise because man struggle against another man to impose upon him his alien will. This is all to satisfy his will to uniformity. An argument is a brilliant example of man’s imposition of the will on another being. So we do not tolerate those unlike us. A man is a discriminating animal.

The ability to discriminate abjectly speaking is the ability to tell differences apart. The world is that of particulars, many and separate, if observed careful, like the great scientists we arrive at astonishing conclusions regarding the nature of experience. The wonder of the microcosm, and the greatness of the universe, all is here for man to experience and interact to. But the experiences of nature are dead experiences for they are apparently bound by a repetitive certainty, therefore predictable and deterministic, but my great paradox has proven determinism wrong once and for all and so to suppose a deterministic universe is out of fashion. Discrimination is indeed a gift, if we can not discriminate then life has become monotonous, repetitive and boring. The ability to discriminate is at the essence of the human experience, if it is to be lively and interesting.

Besides the gift of discrimination, man also has much original instinct. Original in that it does not have any further cause, but it is the first cause of all human desire. This original instinct is the racial instinct. Many lies have been told on the racial front and many manipulators or if put bluntly, genocidal artists have perverted the truth of science for their own perverted dislike of race and wish its destruction.

Man is many things on different levels. If we are to discriminate based on the atomic level then man is congruent atomically to a chair as long as the chair is made of the same atoms disregarding arrangements. If we zoom out and discriminate based on the animal level, then man is just another animal in this animal kingdom, sharing many similar feature to monkeys. Man can be discriminated on the human level from animals but also on the racial level. And on the racial level discrimination ought to rationally cease.

Some have questioned the existence of the race, and have denied the existence of the race based on the absence of criteria’s for defining a race. This is all a language game, with a malicious intent, because to deny the conceptual existence of a race is to willing a denial of its physical existence, in words genocide. Having told the truth. The criteria for defining a race can not be find is simply a language specification, again the distinction between universals which are psychologically recognised and particulars which are part of the universal in their universality, but nevertheless particulars. To define is to point to. To define a characteristic is to point to a characteristic. The race is a psychological universal, so to point to a race can only be done from a distance when individual differences are blurred and the race blend into a coherent whole. But to define a race on the particular level is to beg the impossible, namely to define a universal based on a particular.

Race can be easily recognized, only liars, stupid idiots would deny its existence. It is like to deny the existence of chairs simply because some chairs have fewer legs. Since I have already proven beyond doubt that the purpose of language is to communicate between human beings. So to deny a linguistic incapability is tantamount to self-expulsion from the human species for the person speaks no language that at least communicable with the rest of humanity. A linguistic incapability does not change the reality, as I have also proven before, in my famous axiom, that language does not create experience, but only describes experience. This put experience at its rightful place before the word, the experience is all we have, and all we cherish and are determined to be the entirety of the human experience. For to be human is to experience. The experience of races does not require a linguistic explanation for experience precedes language, to seek a linguistic explanation is a backward desire, and in this case based on malicious intent. If indeed the experience of race elude the individual, then so be it. But that in itself does not exclude the racial experience from the rest of the sane. For one man’s failure at recognizing the obvious does not obliterate the existence of it, rather it demonstrate the stupidity of the advocate in all his immaturity, and devilish aspirations, and may God have mercy on his soul.

The proposition race exist relate to the experience of races in all its diversity. The denial of its existence is similar to a lie told by the landlord to the tenants that they are all equal so the tenants do not have to resent the landlord. similarly, in the racial case, one master race dominate over another race and to prevent the slave race from revolting based on racial unity, it shamefully denies the race exist, thus removing any possible ground for dissent based on race, which does not even exist. This is a blatant lie told to keep the stupid subservient to their masters while rebellion in unity ought to be the trumpet. The lie that race does not exist is imperialistic in its extreme, the intention is to destroy racial unity, which is at the heart of human existence.

Our good biologists have found that race exists but the differences between the races to be so trivial that race does not exist. But the existence of the race depends the fragility of the trivial does not mean it does not exist. This blatantly lie has been told countless times and similarly swallowed. At the point of conception, a human baby is a single cell, but the human life in its triviality does not mean it exist not. The same applies to the racial question, the races exist for there are small differences between the races, and some how comparing our genetic differences to monkeys would be of any consolation to races dismantling their long hard fought racial ideates. The racial identity is so trivial, therefore very fragile so the utter most care must be taken to preserve its existence. Each of us have our racial identity which was handed down to us by our ancestors, are we to squander our fragile racial ideates simply because it is labeled trivial by some horny biologist?

The racial distinctions have emerged within the human species, and it has become a part of our human identity to belong to a race. Just as in a country we have states; the existence of the country does not invalidate the existence of the states. The states exist as a part of the country, the states exist together to form the country. Just as humanity is formed by a combination of the Asiatic, African and European races. Together the three great races of antiquity make up our modern humanity. In fact, the present day humanity would not be humanity without one of its component races. So we have established that humanity does not reside in all the races but that it is composed of the existence of the distinct races. Today, if Africa became submerged by the sea, our earth would not be the same earth. So our humanity would be the same humanity without one of its races. In fact, it is the racial identities that comprise humanity and not vice versa. The existence of present day humanity is dependant on the existence of its three distinct races. So any racial destruction is a transgression against humanity itself.

Since the truth that humanity is represented by its three races, so preserve humanity is also an obligation to preserve the existence of the race. The existence of the race and the existence of humanity are inter-related.

In mixed marriages, the child is inevitably a bastard, a mongrel, a half-caste. No matter, how much love goes into the marriage, the biological fact remains unmoved, that is the child is not a racial continuation of its parents? The existence of the bastard is a tombstone marking the grave of two existing race, thus the tombstone for humanity. We are more than human beings capable of mating one another like animals. We are racially distinct individuals with a racial instinct.

The importance of the race can not be underestimated. Our ancestors are not merely human’s beings, in them; they carry the preciously fragile racial identity which through out the generations has come down from the fathers to the sons then to us. Our present day racial identity is our continuation of our ancestors, for our ancestors are not merely humans without a racial identity, but they are humans with a racial identity. Mathematically, with regards to biologically speaking, a human mate with another human produces a human. But a race mate with another race produce a racially alien being completely distinct to its parents. So though human being is preserved, its fragile racial tradition has been lost forever. For mixed descendent can not in mixing produce the pure parents. This is a racial death. It is sad for the death does not touch the resurrection, the mixed race can not rise with our Savior. Resurrection of the pure race from the mixed race is beyond possibility.

Therefore, what was continued for ileums is now lost, the identity which link us to our ancestors, our forefathers is gone forever, we have mixed ourselves beyond all recognition. Is this the identity we want? For if a person cease to care then by that he shall perish. If a person cares not about money then he shall be financially drained, if he cares not for his child then the child will leave him, if he cares not for his race then by race he shall perish.

What were the wars fought by our ancestors for? If not for a struggle of identity? Have we become so domesticated that we are afraid of even our natural racial instincts? We are close to one another as human beings; we are even closer to one another as a racially homogenous community.

As men, we grow old, our eyes fail, our hair goes grey, our knees give way, but our race remains, just as it was when we were young and filled with life. The young, the old, the sick, the healthy are united in race. For the old has passed the race to the young for the young to continue the race which the ancestors have passed down to him. In all mating, the off spring does not resemble the parent exactly in every particular, except the race. It is within our control to what race our child belongs to. In same race marriages, it can be guaranteed that the child will resemble the parents exactly in race. In fact, we are different in all respect to our ancestors except in race. This fragile connection is our living link to our ancestors. Are we to squander it? It can also be guaranteed that in mixed marriage, the off spring will inevitably be a bastard resembling not of either parent and definitely not in race. So it resembles the parent in its spice relationship. But as said earlier, we are close to one another as a species, but even closer in a race.

This feeling is most natural. One feels close to our fatherland, but one feels closer to our state in which we grew up in. For what is fatherland but the combination of individual states? Thus love does not triumph over anything, but when in it, one is simply blinded to the most obvious. Love can not conquer the physical reality that within mixed relationships, the off spring is a bastard. Love is like the sand that buries men’s heads in the sand, outside reality is not changed; only inner irrational fantasies have taken over the rational consciousness but the facts to not change if one is drunk or in love. Facts remains as immutable facts independent of all emotions let it be anger, hate, despair or love. For love is but one of many emotions, and one of the weakest emotions for even in love one can not conquer the feeling of self-hatred. Love is ineffective; it is merely an excuse to perform an action, as though all is permissible if one is in love. Why is it not equally permissible if one is drunk? Why is the emotion of love being held in higher esteem to drunkenness, don’t we all do foolish things under both cases of intoxication? Also, it is possible to hate everyone, but is not possible to love everyone. So even love has it limits.

The preservation of our race preserves the part of our identity that does not wither away with age. The race is the only part of us that is with us faithfully from birth till death; it is our life long identity and which can be continued in our children. So it is not as individuals we achieve immortality, but it is through our common race, that we will be resurrected to life. For it is by holding on to the living link do we hold onto life.