an ethical dillemma for a Brave New World

this is kind of stretch since most of you wont agree that a Brave New World is what i will change my world empire to resemble, but lets imagine i do.

two hundred years from now the earth is full and polluted, moon and mars colonies are full, all the places we can feasibly colonize are jam packed to the brim

should i continue to manufacture clones?

and i suppose you could ask the same question of our non-cloning society, you just wouldnt really be able to enforce the decision as easily.

seems more likely that we would have the ability to colonize alpha centauri by that time, but what if we cant?

creating more life seems like the right thing to do since we have this uncontrollable urge to spread our genes, but what if all it does is hurt us? and we stop all reproduction for twenty years. just seems so fully unnatural and yet beneficial.