An Evolution Related Quote (Christianity)

One of my online friends created an essay at about the Theology of Christianity. I just wanted to see what your other thoughts are about his work.

Here is the article.

Here is the link to the section I am going to talk about, Evolution.

Now, I know a lot of you have read and heard about the views on evolution, and this is sort of a tired subject, but I’d still like to give my say on this quote:

Now, I think this is a very bold statement.

I am partly neutral towards the theory of evolution, but once I thought about it, he made some sense.

The big bang, which could have just been a random amount of rocks and such spewed about earth, had a very rare chance of creating carbon based life forms. If the big bang did just so happen to bring about these planets, then what or who created the filler material? (Plants, animals, etc.)

I think it wasn’t necessarily the Christian god, but it is possible that something or someone else threw us here to fend for ourselves. I’m not totally standing by this, but as I said, these are just random opinions.

And now, I’m just wondering what others think about this quote. I will come back with a much more sensible explanation to my thoughts. (Because this one was just plain old sloppy.)

Thanks, and good day.

Hi Kiwi,

I don’t know if you are your friend :wink: but just because we don’t fully understand the nature of the universe and how it came into being, that doesn’t mean that the figurative speech of the Genesis should be taken literally. The whole polarity of Evolution vs. Creationism is ridiculous.

Only an open mind will one day understand.


How can anyone believe that Adam and Eve where real existing human beings and accept DNA at the same time. How did god create the world in seven days (168 hours) when at the beginning there was no sun.
The bible is full of figurative speach. It makes it easier to understand. It was not written that way for us, it was written that way for the undestanding of the writer himself.

I’ve read through the book where that quote came from…the whole thing is FULL of bullshit from page one to the last. It disgustingly uses physics as a means to prove the truth of Jesus Christ - in the long run that is. I don’t remember even reading if he showed how he got that number.

The universe was made in six days (144 hours), on the seventh day, God rested.