an eye for an eye (short poem by matt milne)

an eye for an eye ,
and a tooth for a tooth,
leaves everyone blind and hungry.

and in considerable pain.

Revenge is the gift that keeps on giving.

death is the final liberation.

Won’t be seeing any universal secrets revealed in this thread then… :frowning:

nope, this one’s a nice little poem.

there aren’t any secrets really, just things we didn’t realise the significance of.

matt milne is one that tells all subconcious truths left to collect dust in the back of out minds.

ah yes, the dusty depths of the mind. So many cobwebs to get stuck in.

…unwanted cobwebs. sick, perverse cobwebs…the spiders scattering every which way as you go deeper and deeper into the inferno…

and after crawling through all that to the other side, and opening the door?
Darkness there and nothing more.
(oh and a little annoying raven perched above the door)
Nevertheless, darkness there forever more.

…and behind there?

oh, simply
the silken sad uncertain, rustling of each purple curtain,
thrilled me-filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before… :smiley:

and beyond that the mirage of faith, and then a cold stone brick corridoor.
Torches on the wall, each a question of truth. With each correct answer given, there is the key for the next torch.
And slowly with much hesitation and fear comes the last question.
A trick question to which there is only one answer, designed to fool even the cleverest of explorers.
A question so great that many simply melted with dispair after those four words.

Being one of the few to achieve the correct answer, the next level. do you dare open the door, or do you turn and run for your mommy, screaming and screaming untill you have no voice with which to report back. Forever a comotose, deaf mute, unable to communicate even with your hands, forever traped within your mind, remembering the correct answer you gave, unable to accept it, dying petrified of yourself, the world around you, and a broken heart.

Being brave you approach the door, turn the key of truth in the lock of future insight…