An interesting question

Can someone be sworn in as President if they’re under indictment? Or in jail?

I don’t think there’s an answer. The founders probably never envisioned that we’d sink so low as to make it necessary to provide for the possibility. The Supreme Court would probably have to come up with a “decision”–sigh.

Have you ever heard of the principle that one is innocent until proven guilty? Besides the fantasy of a President under indictment or in jail is just wishful thinking on your part.

James Michael Curley was elected mayor of Boston from jail (he was in jail for taking the civil service exam for a friend).

I think that legally there’s nothing stopping a president from being elected from jail, but as soon as that person were sworn in, there would be an impeachment trial. But, honestly, even if someone were in prison for disobeying an order to kill innocent civilians, it would be spun so handily that the average voter would think it was for rape and elder abuse. ‘Criminal’ is easier for people to understand than ‘moral’, so I don’t think the issue will ever come up.

The founders had seen probably every type of outrage you could think of and had no illusions about politics. I’m not really sure about whether being under indictment for a crime would prevent one from taking office, but right off I don’t think it would. I’d imagine the crime would make a difference.

Btw, now what are you accusing Obama of? Eating babies? Being from outer space? :laughing:

You’re the ‘Anti-Kropotkin’!

Yeah, and I’m not claiming that there is proof (just a lot of suspicious evidence), or that he should be arrested–yet.

You’re almost certainly right there.

Ditto my previous response. Just wondering what should happen if we were ruled by law instead of unbridled momentum.

You mean recently? You not been keepin’ up on the news? Even the NY Times couldn’t avoid reporting it. Google currently has 9594 articles on it.

As an Obama supporter, I do have to say that image is rather damning . . .

As for being from outer space, well, almost but not quite:

Yes, the Constitution is not a serious document.

Phaedrus: You’re the ‘Anti-Kropotkin’!"

K: ummmmm, I can’t tell if I am being insulted, complemented or mocked. :-k


None of the above. You’re being classified as the political antithesis of PT. I think that’s fairly accurate.

Xunz, that was hilarious. And yet it also justifies so many of my suspicions…I just knew there was much more to this man than the LIBERAL MEDIA has been reporting. It has to be a cover-up, they couldn’t have just missed all that!

BTW, have you heard the rumor that he’s half white?

dOOd is pretty close, PK! Not really mocking at all, just a good natured comment on your relentless flogging of the evils of GWB. PT is basically the flip side of the same coin. Of course, it looks like you were (mostly) right about him, but that wasn’t the point.

I guess it’s sort of a compliment to both of you.