An Interesting Thing about Trump

Criticisms of him are always about his comportment, personal style, psychology, morals, perceived alliegances, etc.

They are never about what a President is elected to do, which is govern a country.

Jeezz Louise I wonder why that is?

Deranged neoliberals and Marxists don’t know how to argue, debate, or even carry fourth a coherent sentence. They only know how to insult, defame, accuse, and express their absurd emotions since their entire ideology is based upon emotional feelings rather than logic or reason. After several years of dumbing down the majority of the population here we are, mission accomplished.

I’m not a Trump supporter, I do have numerous legitimate criticisms of him concerning his public policies or worldview but compared to Biden I would take him any day of the week as president.

Maybe that’s because there is a line drawn between what constitutes awareness, and what was implied in the Constitution…

That line is getting thinner, all the time? ! ?

Constitution? :laughing: Nobody gives a fuck about the original constitution in this nation, the last thirty years should be pretty evident of that.


I, also, read Wilhelm Reich.

but, like, this is demonstrably false, tho … 5#p2777127 … 5#p2773995 … 5#p2773996 … 5#p2773997

i dont think this is true where my deficit hawks at? where my fiscal conservatives at? where my anti corporatism peeps at? should i go on?

Totally, this is like, super what people hold against him.

All the time.

I am like tired of hearing of it.

I am like why don’t you try attacking the person for a change?


trump is like the kid in class who picked his nose and ate it

he also grew the deficit as like the fastest rate ever

You only added the second thing for my benefit. Be real.

I don’t think I have ever called Obama a name. He did demolish the middle east and set the planet entire back a hundred years or so.

We could talk about the deficit, but how could I take you seriously?

Talking about boogers?

right wingers in america dont really like the middle east most of them would love to see it nuked

Strange, because it was Democrats that literally razed it.

Astonishing lack of nuking under Trump. I mean really. Hillary would call him a pussy and a hippy.

u guys really dont understand americans at all come to alabama man

Honestly the second I can.

what has thqat to do with facts though?

Again, this is the very interesting thing I noted.

I point out how Obama and Hillary literally destroyed the lives and homes of hundreds of millions, but Alabamans are RASSISSSSS so Orange Man Bad.

im saying that of all the people in american most likely to have a boner for the idea of nuking the middle east are the same people who vote for trump

But that’s what’s so weird about it.

Because democrats actually effectively did nuke it.

But our guy left them all the fuck alone.

So wtf?


I enjoy how you so exquisitely prove all of my points.


you dont hear rush limbaugh bitching about obama killing people in the middle east

You’re absolutely impervious aren’t you.

Truth has no effect on you like bullets on superman.

im a philosopher i think truth is a pretty narrow thing that usually doesnt say much about how things actually are