Ancient philosophy bachelor thesis - need advice :)

Hello all,

I am about to choose a topic for my final bachelor thesis and it must be related to ancient Greek philosophy. I want it to be something about Plato, but I just can’t choose a suitable, interesting thesis or problem …

Can you help me by sharing what about his ideas has made lasting impression on you or what you have seen as a problem/mistake in his thinking and is worth dwelling on? Or any concept/theory from Plato that you think would be interesting to examine in ~ 60-80 pages work?

P.S. It must not be a theme that completely pertains the realm of logic or ethics,aesthetics - rather a philosophy or history of philosophy theme.

Thank you for your time, I will be waiting for your answers.

Write about Ananemsis.

It is usually translated as ‘recollection’ but Plato seems to take it in a more deeper sense. It is based on his metaphysical, epistimological system and affects pretty much everything in his thought. We can talk about it more if you are interested.

Talk about the difference between form and content and explain how historically that division has been at the base of every instance of people having some kind of semantic disagreement, and bring up the fact that it’s like those old “mad libs” books where you add words into the blanks and sometimes they make sense and sometimes they don’t, thus illuminating that as plato stated, form without content is vacuous and content without form is meaningless. Actually, I’m not sure he stated that in just that way…but it’s kind of central to understanding his whole schtick…or really any philosophy. Maybe that’s why Plato is so important. … 2&ie=UTF-8

I did my thesis on universals, as issue ing from Plato through Heraclitus/Parmenedis through modern philosophy. It was a bit overwhelming though, but my preferance has been set there as an issue. For me, universals start with the Dialogues. Meno, has been one of my favorites.

I am going to have to say his idea’s on education or Atlantis.

Nice choice also, Plato is my favorite philosopher.

Thank you for your wonderful answers :greetings-clappingyellow:

@Artimas Yeah Plato is cool really cool, right? Although I do not have an all time favourite philosopher. Also education and Atlantis are interesting indeed.

@obe Universals are great, but this will not be my choice. The reason why I gave up on universals is simply because there is a lot of research written on that topic already. :wink:

@mr reasonable Yes, I agree a lot can be said about form and content and maybe this will be too broad topic for me #-o

@rakra I’ll be really grateful, if we can talk more about that Ananemsis, because

I have talked to my professor yesterday and I am almost sure I have my thesis theme now! And it is something related to this ‘recollection’. The idea is to write about the immortality of the soul and to compare Platos view on the soul/body division with someone elses - a later philosopher like Plotinus or even Augustine of Hippo :slight_smile:

What do you think of this ?