And the best AVATAR is.....



That sounds like something you’d say. Although, I think that Kesh’s avatar is a little too abstract (for lack of a kinder-sounding synenom for “inappropriate”).


How is it abstract? It is the most creative avatar that I’ve seen in my entire life! Yeah, a little inappropriate, but you go to a desert for a month and half and see if your sexual frustrations don’t affect all the other areas of your life! lol


Rafa get’s second place. Isn’t that the cat from Alice in Wonderland?

Poor Smooth, that must really being taking a toll on you! :laughing:


Please check your PM box on Thanks! :wink:

don’t worry about me Beamer. I’ll get it all out of my system in a few days. And then I’ll go back to the Smooth that posted posts 1 - 611.

smooth i can tell you this, you don’t have to be in the desert for months on end to realize that

[size=200]YES, KESH’S AVATAR WINS![/size] :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

no question about it.

Just for you Smooth…

Heh, yes it is :sunglasses:

My friend Val made it, actually.

Plug Plug Plug Plug Plug!

I can’t stop looking… … bouncy.gif[/url]


I’ve been in this blasted country too long. I stare at Kesh’s avatar for hours on end…