and the question on everyone's mind.....

What is the fundamental question of religion in your mind?

  • Does God exist?
  • Do we have a soul/spirit?
  • Do Atheists/christians have ethics and or morals?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • other …
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feel free to leave comments about why you chose the question, or if you think you have an answer to a question.

Hi Scythe,

I think the prime religious questions that occupy me are:
Why am I able to reflect on what I and others experience and do?
Why am I able to hold the universe in awe?
Why do I experience an awareness of a mysterious ‘Presence’?
Why all this, if there is no purpose?


those are all good ones.

do you mean, reflect on when you see someone in pain, you feel pain (like empathy?)

Hi Scythe,

for example - we are able to feel and experience so much, and even to reflect on it at a later date… why?


Good question. Why do we remember little trivial things? Why do little trivial things make us happy? (like this morning riding to work I looked towards the mountains and the formation of the clouds (which I can still recall visually) was very striking, and for a moment I was in a solidarity of happiness.)

the one that is really interesting is the people who can’t let go of experiences. Like they screw up and continually reflect on it for years and years. It drags them down to the abysmal depths of depression.

I’m wondering why you have such a cute avatar skyth. That’s my question.


Why do you divide people into Atheists and Christians from an ethical viewpoint? What about Hindus? :wink:

well it’s a goat… I could use my more sinister looking goat, but I figured that wouldn’t really fit my personality.

(and that in itself is an inside joke from the cake song with the lyrics “sheep go to heaven, goats go to hell.”)

what about them? perhaps you can shed some light on that?

Let me some time to look for the relevant information, and I come back with an answer.

This, ladies and gents, is one of the best reasons why Bob is a valuable member of this forum.


The sinister one doesn’t look sinister to me at all. Your soft fluffy one makes me wanna reach out and give you a tickle behind your ears. Use the other one, it fits with my image of you.


I liked the little robot- I though he looked vaguely evil, or at least impish…

interesting that this broke down into a discussion of which avatar I should use. LOL.

now that is interesting. (both the image and the tickle)