Another animal story - the Whale in the Thames

Continuing in my long line of stories about animals doing unexpected things (the rampaging elephants in Russia and Rwanda, the Cows, the dolphin that married a woman, the mice…) I thought that I’d draw your attention to a story which has been dominating the news over the last 2 days. Apparently there’s a whale stuck in the Thames that is being rescued. That’s about the size of the story. Now I’ll admit to having got caught up in the story and am now genuinely concerned for the whale’s plight (in particular when I found out that apparently all the noise around it will be confusing it no end) but that’s just because I’ve always had an affection for those sorts of animals, if it was shark on the other hand…

So, can anyone explain to me why this story has overshadowed everything else that the press could have been talking about?

Sure. It’s a slow news day, and they have nothing else to talk about. No bombs, burning cars, volcanoes, no noteworthy murders, sex scandals,…

I know! Do the whale story! 3 min of airtime filled. Maybe 5 if we can get the green peace people in here.


How rude tentative!

Ever heard of a whale swimming up an estuary and into central London before? It’s as much news as a bomb or whatever, as much news as the death of a human being. And we’re all concerned for the sweet little northern bottle nose. It is one of the deepest swimming whales, yet was just about beached in low tide…Besides, it’s been the main story on BBC all day!

You should be ashamed of yourself for demonstrating suck a lack of compassion. Shame on you!


Looks as though tentative have been hooked up with impenitent the punish nihilistic blasphermer for too long, even though, tentative my friend, your cynicism in comparision with impenitent’s is still somewhat pale, I’m not just refering to the puns.

whale in the thames?

well at least the sun and mirror aren’t saying “fergie’s going for a swim”,577 … -1,00.html … ergie.html


too late!! too late!!

the whale bit the dust!!



Maybe it came into London to die. Sometimes I feel like I can die here.


:cry: lets have a moment of silence.

after years of working at an animal shelter, i have learned that with every death comes new life, and once you have done everything you can to help an animal, nature decides its’ fate-as with humans.

on a happier note: my organization is adopting a whale from Kua’i ! =D>


Thank you for pointing out my insensitive nature, because it’s true. It had nothing to do with the issue which was why the interest of the press?
I quite like whales having spent time around California greys, orcas, and further north, belugas.

I have compassion for the whale as it performs its’ nature, but no compassion for the media.


I’ve actually been wondering about whether the whale deliberately swam up there to die. Whales are pretty damn smart, apparently, it may well have known exactly what it was doing.

I dunno, do whales kill themselves?

And it isn’t a slow news day, there’s all the fallout from the NOTW sting on Sven Goran Eriksson…

The media were simply reporting the news. I wonder, is an abducted child more newsworthy than a whale found trying to beach itself in the Thames? I’m not sure I follow JT.


is wales going to become the whales graveyard?


You’re slipping Imp.


Apparently the attempted rescue operation cost 100,000 pounds…

Still, I suppose it is better than sex change operations for convicted kidnappers…

I think we may have glossed over what is probably the most important reason for why the whale story was such big news, and why so many people turned out to see the rescue attempt. It is because many of us, I include myself, often blow out of proportion the death of an aminal because it is easier to talk about. If we always focused on how so many children, for example, are abused and murdered each year, we wouldn’t be able to cope with it. Perhaps that is the reason why we give more money to animal charities in the UK than children’s charities.

Jon F

Or perhaps we understand our inherent connectedness with animals. Perhaps this simply isn’t about money. Perhaps this is about humanity.


The money aspect doesn’t concern me in the slightest - London is rich enough to be able to waste a few drachmas on trying to help a whale.

what will they do? put a lock and dam at the mouth of the thames?

I am fairly certain that whales swim up the proverbial estuary and die on a regular basis… it just happens that this river was being watched…


This article suggests that there was more than one whale and that porpoise sightings have been increasing. Apparently there’re a lot more fish in the Thames than before due to it being cleaner. Seems a reasonable explanation, and certainly suggests that this may well happen more often without us noticing.

Ok, then if we care about humanity that much through are connection with animals, why dont we, as I said before, give more money to children’s charities?