Another great article by Steven Pinker.

Article : … world.html

He has a great book about this subject too: … 0670022950

I do think the following comment left on the page is, of course, extremely relevant:

Nice find :slight_smile:

I recently read a dissenting review of the book by John Gray (who always dissents on everything, I think on principle :slight_smile: ) A quick google gives: … ce-review/

  • he claims not that the figures are wrong, but that the explanations behind them may be.

Some really terrible points in that review.
He doesn’t refute the main point of the book, he only adds that there still outbursts of violence, specially when the economy is in the toiled (go figure).
He doesn’t seem to know exactly what darwinism is…

Anyway, I won’t say more because I haven’t read the book in its entirety.

Steve Pinker says,

Measure the way the world is today and measure the way the world is in the past. How the hell do you measure what isn’t around to be measured? What a stupid comment. But he probably means measure today and compile all those measurements of today. And compare the two, and demonstrate that the past is worst than today. But by what criterion do you determine what is worse than or better than? Numbers don’t differentiate between worst and better. Is 7 better than 8 or is 8 worse than 7? I don’t think 7 or 8 will say they’re better or worse than each other. #-o