another sky shot

Liquid Angel’s photo of the sky got me thinking…

Ah but it’s not ‘just’ another sky shot is it Gemtry? It’s nice. What did you do?


That’s what you see if you pull yourself out of the underworld.

Gotta develop eyes back to normal and lift out of the deep.

thanks la,
its taken at a place called the Bunya Mountains in Queensland. The rainforest up there is amazing. The day we were there we were just under the level of the clouds so it kept misting over and through the canopy. The clouds weren’t very thick so there was a lot of silver in them. Because it was cloudy though it really pushed the lower levels of the trees down to almost black. Its an amzing place.


Gemty, I adore this picture, can you perhaps link the source image or even a full resolution version?

I appreciate the compliment crookfinger. I can’t link the full resolution because it’s a 12 meg TIFF. Let me play around with my export settings and I can probably get you a larger one.


you are shooting on a canon EOS 5d, oui?

No, an Elan II aka an EOS 50. 200 iso colour print film scanned from the negative. Usually I shoot slide film but I didn’t have any that day so I was shooting print film.


I thought I nailed that one :frowning: Great shot btw, colour me impressed by your ability to capture such a surrealistic shot with no pshoppin’

this pic has the quality of looking down into really really deep water.


I really like this one.

It reminds me of the rain forests I used to play in as I kid growing up in British Columbia.

The overexposed skylight gives it a mystical feel, one almost reminiscent of a video game like shadow of the colossus. url=[/url]

There is something about not being able to see the sky as ‘the sky’ and rather just the flooding of light which tickles my soul somewhere. The feeling of standing in the silence of the foliage as the light tries it’s best to invade.

thanks NHDB and OG.

it was surreal - standing on the ground in a rainforest is one of the most mystical experiences I’ve ever had.


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