Is not society itself the creation of false values?


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What are false values?

illusion. O:)

I appreciate the poetic aspect and simplicity of what you are doing, but the question is overly subjective. I need a bit more specificity to answer your statement.

By answering my last question, I should be able to rephrase your original statement with your definition of “false values” to become more relevant and assessable. I’m at “Is not society itself the creation of illusions?”. Do you see my dilemma? Haha! (:

False value= illusion= Not really real.

I can’t define it because there is nothing there to define in the first place.

Do you see the simplicity now? O:)

Is this a joke thread or a serious question? I can’t tell because the way you punctuate all your posts with an ironic gloating smiley.

Whats a serious question as opposed to any other question? The fact that you’re in this thread indicates that you’d wish to respond to it or were attracted by the title.

It was a serious question in the fact that I used words to address a concern, but obviously words themselves a false value symbolism created by society are not a replacement for intuitive understanding. O:)

IOW: I wonder whether I am wasting my time responding to a troll.


“False values” sounds a little redundant to me… Plus, “false” has aquired some undeserved negative connotations throughout history.


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“Is not society itself the creation of false values?”
“Define false values”
“There is nothing there to define”

So, society itself is the creation of…nothing? Is that really what you’re saying? Society itself is the creation of nothing?

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Just define it! Say what you mean by “false value.” Don’t shrink away from scrutiny of your idea. Don’t try to weasel out of it. chrisx wants a definition, and if you can’t provide one…well, then essentially what you’re saying is that your post is meaningless.

You think Im trolling?

only in that values are themselves word (false) symbolisms

You can’t create nothing. Society itself is not the creation of any-thing. And to clarify, I don’t consider the creation of illusory reality anything. O:)

Dude, yes, I think you’re trolling. Do you not understand why people think you’re trolling?

Nope, do you understand why you cant understand me? Because you are still caught up in your little word contradictions. That’s what false symbolisms create - confusion. O:)

If you say “X is the creation of Y” and someone asks you what Y means, and all you can say is, “There’s nothing to define,” you’re trolling.
If you make a statement, but refuse to explain what the statement means while at the same time saying it’s other peoples’ fault for not understanding, you’re trolling.

If you can’t say what it means, it doesn’t mean anything. Your OP is meaningless.

That encompasses a great deal.
Could you please give me an example of a false value that is an illusion to you?

Again dude, you’re trying to counteract me with logic and rationality. I am the death of logic and rationality. I am simply using the false value symbolisms you created to negate everything you stand for. O:)

A donut. A donut is supposed to represent something in existence, but the second you symbolize it through the word donut, you get it wrong because its not accurately representative of it’s own existence. So when someone asks you, what is a donut? you will never fully be able to describe or experience it’s existence because the second you use symbolism (word), you automatically become wrong through use of a systemically flawed structure. At best all you can do is use it to lead to the ineffable. O:)

Being illogical and irrational doesn’t make you the death of logic and rationality, no more than an ugly person is the death of beauty. Your sense of logic and rationality may be long dead, but you’re doing a piss-poor job of killing it for anybody else.