Any ILP users written & published a book?

If so, link me.

Or at least give me an idea of what it is about.

I guess that’s a no?

So much so, that I forgot that I was the one that created this thread.

It seems that everybody here is either a failed philosopher or a fledgling.

I wrote one on conversational english teaching techniques, but didn’t publish it beyond selling a few hundred copies throughout the universities where I live.

Sweet, what was controversial about the methods?

Are you reading “conversational” as “controversial” by any chance…? :laughing:

Always read over things twice, Always read over things twice.

I thought it was learning through coercion, through EEG or something. Or perhaps some sort of Arrested development style lessons - ‘And that’s why you should always read things twice’


I self-published a novella

It’s self-published, hiding on blogspot cause it sucks. It goes nowhere, and says nothing. Actually, a publisher was interested in it, way back, several iterations ago. Anyways, they abruptly went out of business. Varsity Publishing - some place in the states. So yea, this story is so bad it will bankrupt you.

It’s an impressive feat regardless, good work! =D>

Thanks :slight_smile:

Because they’re not publishing books?

Well yeah, I guess that was what I meant. Wasn’t supposed to be a serious point though really.

I was just thinking that I’ve read tons of books by people who seem to be total philosophical failures.

Me too I suppose. But do you claim them to be failures because they are just plain wrong? Becasue generally I’d describe somebdy successful if they manage to sell a lot of books.

It’s hard to say whether or not someone is just plain wrong. It’s easier to explain if they understand something or not.