any ya'll dig live music?

surely a few of you do, or once did back in your heyday :laughing:

what are some of the best or most disappointing live gigs you’ve seen to date?


radiohead (x2)
thievery corporation
the flaming lips
rodrigo y gabriela
buddy guy
sasha and digweed
counting crows
the black keys
my morning jacket


the police -disappointment
dave matthews -though the bright lights and circus on-stage were pretty cool

I had a best-worst on the same bill. Nine Inch Nails opened for David Bowie. Trent was life-changing. After about half an hour of Bowie, I was ready to kill myself.

Due to my audiologist warning me away from live
music because I could lose the rest of my hearing,
my first rock concert was The Who, when I was 40 something.
actually a pretty good first rock concert. Entwistle was still alive then.

Nowadays, I like Dark Star orchestra, a grateful dead cover band.
From those who are true blue deadheads, they are pretty close
to the dead.


  1. i’ll be seeing nine in nails in june

  2. best/worst combo, right on that’s how bonnaroo was one year - friday night tool warped and twisted my poor little mind for two solid hours, and then the police got on stage the following night and bout everyone was bored to tears

i’m actually not that familiar with trent’s stuff, though i’ve heard great things - got any recommendations?

you like phish? i’ll be seeing them in june as well

af - Just start at the beginning. Pretty Hate Machine is one of the best records ever made. Surely you have heard Head Like a Hole, even if you don’t realise it. It’s a staple of college station alt programming.

Being 25, I’m much too old to go to concerts anymore but there were certainly a few memorable ones from my concert faring days.

I actually have a list of the Top 10 bands I have seen that I thought were awesome live and the top 10 that I thought completely sucked live:

Top 10 Awesome Live Bands:

1.) Metallica
2.) Duran Duran
3.) Flogging Molly
4.) Tool
5.) DethStryke ( I jest)
6.) MegaDeth
7.) Kansas
8.) Pantera
9.) Nada Surf
10.) Distance To Empty

Top 10 Bands/Singers that Aren’t Worth Shit Live:

1.) Tsar
2.) Matchbox 20
3.) The Offspring
4.) Type O Negative
5.) Days of the New
6.) SevenDust
7.) Creed
8.) Counting Crows
9.) Skid Row
10.) The Doors (With Ian Asbury of the Cult singing)

lol too old? what else have you grown ‘too old’ for in your ripe old age? :laughing:

i am also 25 - and i’m far from deeming myself ‘too old’ for anything i enjoy

but to each his own, i guess

Excellent (most of these were in the 80’s)

Saxon (5)
Sammy Hagar
Judas Priest (3)
Van Halen
Blue Oyster Cult (5)
Rush (4)
Iron Maiden (2)
Deep Purple
Black Sabbath (Dio, Gillian)
Eric Clapton
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Fabulous Thunderbirds
ZZ Top
Killer Dwarfs
AC/DC (3)
Billy Squier
Dead Kennedys
Molly Hatchet
Armored Saint

plus a dozen or two other opening acts… I know I’m leaving out a few shows…

I never spent money on a ticket for a band I didn’t want to see…


Exactly, I’m too old to enjoy it anymore. Too many people, too much noise.

As Patrick Bateman in “American Psycho” said, “I don’t like live music. It . . . bugs me.”

there is then the scene where Patrick is persuaded to go to a U2 concert. Bono turns into the devil and he is singing directly to Patrick to do his bidding.

I have seen Radiohead more than any other (4X)

The last concert I went to was heavy metal. I dont like heavy metal even a little. But I wanted to be among people who were passionate about something I didn’t like. I wont do it again. I was bored by devil signs.