anybody from france here?

Because I’ve decided I want to move there.

look at the world situation, and who lives where…

compare it to 1936… do you really want to move to france?


Look up “Conehead” in the NYC phone book. They are from France.

France sounds great. You get six weeks vacation, and if that’s not enough, you can always go on strike. The work week is about twenty hours, and you can drink all the wine you like. And you get to look down upon the entire rest of the world.

Oh, and you get to have sex all the time, with virtually anyone.

And the bread is really good. Unless the breadmakers are on strike, or off for the day, or drunk.

Or having sex with your wife.

France sounds good to me. Where are you moving from?

I´m digging Spain at the moment.


Barcelona’s great Standard :smiley: Not sure about the rest of Spain though :-s

I haven´t been up to Barcelona yet, but yeah I´ve heard it´s very vibrant to say the least.

Granada´s a lush city. Plenty of places at the Costa are nice too.

That bad? I didn’t think it’d be so terrible.

What about Britain?

I’m moving from NYC. I had thought about Spain, but for some reason I really don’t want to learn Spanish.

If you´re coming to Europe, I wouldn´t really recommend Britain. But if you don´t wanna learn a new language…

The Dutch are the best in Europe at English, so you´d probably get along OK there.

We never had geography at school…but the dutch are from holland right?

:laughing: They are indeed. Better still, they´re from the Netherlands.