Anybody here like Ska Music?

Anybody here like fast music?

Like the Mighty Bosstones?

The Mighty Mighty Bostones, yes, just like them. Or Sublime?

I like the second wave a lot, the mix of 70’s/ 80’s british punk and Jamaican funk.


these guys were good


Watched the Specials at Glastonbury. Don’t mind a bit of ska, but not really my favourite

Love ska.

Mad Caddies, Streetlight Manifesto, RX Bandits, The Toasters, The Planet Smashers, Mustard Plug, Stuck Lucky, Tim Armstrong, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Less Than Jake, some of the Third Wave UK acts like Shootin’ Goon or The Adequate Sevens are great too. All excellent Bands.

Whilst I like me a bit of old-school 2-tone and second wave, I prefer the third wave skapunk

Edit: For a taste of third wave at its (imo) best:


I’ve never heard a horn section as tight as these guys. Their earlier stuff might not have been as technically good but… well maybe there was more passion there


The Cat Empire - The Chariot


Not really straight up ska, but a similar vein and you may enjoy it :slight_smile:

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