Anyone Else a Hermit?

I’m a hermit. I have been for 5 years. I might go out and get a job today. Then again, I might stay a hermit . . .

Do you go on walks outside very often?

Ever watched the stars?

You know, I saw about 3 shooting stars tonight. My birthday will be coming up in about 10 days. I’ll be 22 years old then. I’m planning something special for that day. It’s going to eclypse my exact moment of physical birth. This is a special time for meditation and ‘magick’. It’s when a person can access the most of their own energy and also make changes in who/what they are.

There was a small blob of blue light in the sky tonight, also. I saw it a few nights ago, when I wrote that bazzar poem. It was there again tonight. Not very big, but looked almost like a clump of 20 stars unusually close to eachother… blue, not white, though. Chaning shape very slightly; Fading in and out.

I walked into some people’s yard, tresspassing, but it’s 3:00am, everybody is asleep. They had a little tiny garden in their yard. I picked one leaf off of the tomatoe plant, and smelt it. I was remembering how much I wanted to live, compared to what I was and where I was going… I also want to learn how to not be affraid of anyone or anything.

My life is a substance.
I am not a person.
I’ve been chaning, like everything else, which eventually changes completely, up antil it is unrecignizable or forgotten.

I am called a hermit by those that know me. What info. about me being a hermit do you wish to know?

Well, for starters. Does your time ever get distorted from not going out much? Mine does. It’s all blended into one. I have no need for the names of the market days of week, as they dont apply to me.

Secondly, do you find that you have any semblence of a routine going for youself?

I’m the same way.

Names and numbers don’t have the meaning for me. To me, meaning has to do with what people are, and what life is, and it’s not so disected.

it seems that 3 little kittens are looking for you…



I have a routine I need one, being a hermit doesn’t mean I don’t have responsibilities. Yes Days weeks and months sometimes vanish but, hey, I am too busy to notice which is probably why. I am sure you have some contact with the outside world. I reside in the middle of the woods way out in the country, so I rarely see anyone other then husband and son. They leave here to work or go socialize. I generally stay. I am not a hermit by total choice I just fell into it and now its quite comforatable perhaps too comfortable.

Your exact moment of birth will then be 22 years ago.
I’m suprised that you see importance in calender dates.
Although it could have some sort of mental effect on you that might trigger an abundance of energy…

im a ‘hermit’, unless i have a need to look at a clock or have an importment apointment of some sort, i usually dont know the day of the week, time or even month.

A lot of people who ‘drive for a living’ are hermits/loners.

If someone put a gun to my head, and told me to get a job, I think I might
become a truck driver… with a pet monkey.

I guess I would be considered more of a Kerouac hermit, not fully graduated to Emily Dickinson–and hope never to go that far.

Days and time mean nothing to me except where writing deadlines are concerned. I haven’t worn a watch in years, don’t like being tied to anything arbitrary.

I always take nightwalks, I can often be found out at 2 a.m. walking the length of my small town.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve found that there are so few people I would want to spend more than 20 minutes with…


Who is that blinking man? … p?t=151773

Okay, I am a hermit. I hang around with only men (musician types) and have few women friends. I (and don’t hate me girls) cannot stand most women. I just wrote about it in another thread about England and am fully ready to be throttled by it. There aren’t that many women here anyway. The women I have met in my life are materialistic, petty, competitive, bitchy, can be described as the “c” word and (did I say competitive?) I avoid like the plague.

Okay, I admit it. I am an eccentric musician. I am odd. I don’t fit in when I go to baby showers and PTO meetings. They whisper behind my back because I am at their local bar at 2AM singing “Fever” to their husbands. It used to bother me and now I just avoid women – eeek, an entire gender… making me a ---- hermit.

I think I am on ILP to communicate my lonely heart, boys. Sooo lonely. Sooo in need of some chitchat at 3AM. :laughing: :laughing:

i am,

i only left the house this summer to play drums in the woods and burn incense…

i guess that makes me a hippie

which makes me a bum

which is like a hermits close friend

I am half hermit, half not.

Even when I go out and hang out with people I still do my own thing. When I go camping I usually sit by myself and play guitar, and when I go to bar or something, I usually just play and write on the napkins.

I guess I am pretty introspective, and thus a hermit. But people still seem to like me, which I don’t understand.

Life is great. Hermits are great.

Yeah, I’ve got a strong hermit-ish streak in me.

I’m a hermit and I hate it. I empathize with Bessy, although for me it’s a tough struggle because despite their detested beat-around-the-bush, (pun not intended) petty condascending gossip . . . damn it they have such damn good bodies!!

I also hate men because they’re selfish, abusive, cold nihilists.

Well, I do believe “hermit” is a precursor toward “lunatic” so I do feel obligated to stop this, and I don’t think forums help. Well . . . it’s better than crack.

Hmm, for a bunch of hermits there seems to be a lot of socializing going on :laughing: :laughing:

From birth I was isolated from peers due to health problems, as I got older my health improved so that I could start socializing with other kids. That was when my personality got me into trouble, my parents favorite form of punishment was grounding. It was either my temper, curiousity , mischieviousness or stubborness that plowed me head on into trouble. So I spent much of my youth visiting with Authors instead of kids. After becoming a teen, Life became filled with family pain. I am a hermit by habit and mental protection. Not by preference. I wish it was easier to be around people, I tend to stay in corners and run around the edges of crowds. I suppose I am lucky to love and have married the most gregarious man I have ever seen. We balance each other quite well. even if we drive each other crazy. He pulls me out of my shell and I keep him from being flighty socially.

So truly would not a true hermit avoid even this forum? My guess is I and Gaiaguerrilla are not the only reluctant hermits here.

P. S. My experience with my fellow females is the same as Bessy’s. Men tend to be easier to be with.