Anyone Else Approving of Kate Middleton's Butt and Face?

I gotta say, if any skirt of a First Lady here in America rode up in the air, exposing her butt to all the world, I suspect there would be great anger and outrage at the prospect of granny panties being plastered everywhere.

In England, they do things differently. They make the event classy and charming, a way of announcing to the world “This is the butt all future English Princesses will sport”.

Her face is really nice too. And her hair is great. I don’t understand why even short ugly women won’t grow their hair out like that… its like, the one thing of your body you can physically change and equal without ‘cheating’, as its your hair. You just dye it, shampoo… stick in a humidifier then iron or something, a little cocoa butter, and wallah, your attractive from behind.

I feel like they should have pics of her butt at vineyards when people have cheese and wine tastings, to add class to the place. Everyone can compliment “Very Good Cheese, Very Good Wine, Very Good Butt”.

England, here is a high five for taste. Now, what to do about all the rest of the women in the UK, who look nothing like kate…

I’m more of a tits, ass, and thighs guy myself.

I’d hit it.

The Rock? Really Smears?