Anyone Here Been Diagnosed With A Mental Illness?

And if so, have you ever experienced any stigma because of it?
You can be as specific as you like.

In grade 2 a very poor teacher of mine said i had A.D.D

Thankfully my mom knew better because i was able to play atari for 10+ hours straight.

That whole year my teacher treated me like a sub human. It was degrading.

I had a member of ILP call me histrionic once.

No, but my family think I’m crazy, even though I’m the sanest… :unamused:

same here, Mag. We’re in the same boat…

Why are you guys on my boat?

I live the most normal life out of all my siblings, and they call me crazy - a bad case of projection, I think :neutral_face:

Coz it’s a nice luxury boat, nick :wink:

maybe they’re jealous. At least my relations are.

I must disagree…it’s dead uncomfortable


I managed to convince a nice doctor in a bad part of town that I had ADHD. Can’t complain.

I have no time for such trivialities, so they have to put up or shut up, or just get lost and leave me to my life… :smiley:

Why, Xunx? :confused: for fun? for money? for…?

Got my psych degree in '78. Should have stuck with it. Didn’t feel like cutting up rats for a few more years, though. My grades were, not that hot, to begin with…

Drugs, Magsj. Drugs.

Oh! #-o

:laughing: can you tell I don’t do drugs, coz that never crossed my mind.