Aphorisms on The European Union

It’s true that ISIS, if for no other reason than the convenience of its appearances, is obviously the creation of certain factions in the US, represented by the Democrat party, socialist in nature.

It is a damn shame. Trump would have none of that shit.

If any gringos out there are reading. You know it to be true.


Believe it baby girl.

One thing has shown itself to be true through centuries of experience:

Only Russia (well, and the defunct never to return Sultanate) is capable of integrating Muslim nations into the world economy (not only of money, economy of coexistence) in a healthy way.

Ain’t no Al Qaeda in Russia (there are plenty of Muslims though).

But Iran, Iran has to be nixed. At least its current fanatical, maniacal configuration.

That the country known as the EU so fervently supports Iran itself damns it as a cesspool of cockroaches.

At the very least, it puts the country known as the EU diametrically opposed to the interests of the United States.

Which begs the question: is the US backing the right side in that conflict?

The EU is a parasitic drain, always asking for money, never seeming to be able to get enough capital to begin producing.

Russia, with its many imperfections, is an economic and industrial powerhouse that money can be made with, rather than sunk into.

I fervently believe China will one day be, too.

It, too, will eventually abandon its totalitarian fanatic ways and become winners, like Russia.

Until it does, though, make no mistake.

Fuck the EU.

Aphorisms on the EU?

Get used to dying. Or learn to speak Arabic and sticking your ass up in the air 5 times a day.

Not sure how much else needs to be added to that.

For the shithole Europe has become, they might be better off that way.

Frankly, I don’t see a dignified future for them unless they disband the country known as the EU and go back to slightly racist, high performing and beautiful small states with small armies, large banks and arrogant cunts.

Which won’t happen. One thing socialists are good at, it’s destroying the way back. The only way forward from socialism is more socialism.

The only question now is how the US can extricate itself from the disaster.

Stopping fighting their wars for them or financing those wars seems like a obvious first step.

Russia, an actually healthy European country, is to be preferred. Maybe they have reasons not to want some neonazi socialist shithole of a country (the EU) annexing its neighbour, where incidently the mothers of millions of their citizens happen to live.

One thing that makes Russia Great is their “cynicism,” their complete distrust, disbelief and disinterest in any idealism.

It’s the idealists that make problems for everybody. Go build a windmill up your momma’s asshole EU.

Of course they don’t actually believe any of it themselves. It’s just a good legal precedent to tell everybody what to do and force them to do it.