Apologies and Mishaps.

Sorry, folks.

I was deleting spammers and accidentally deleted a non-spamming user, annihilating all his posts. Luckily, Obw saved the day in ways I don’t understand, and the user and all his posts are back. That’s why we were down for a while.
Unfortunately, posts made today before our downtime may have been lost. If anything important you put up vanished, that would be the reason why. There’s nothing I can do about that except apologize.

If anyone made a REALLY long post, or something they dont have a backup of, which is now missing, send me a PM and I can recover it for you. It has to be really hard to reproduce though, for me to bother. :slight_smile:

Aww, crap. I already rewrote my long one. New version is better, anyhow.

Ah, this may explain why my latest post in the Nowheristan thread (in the Social Sciences forum) disappeared. It is somewhat of a loss, in my opinion, but as I have heard no more from Mr. Nowheristan, nevermind it.

The real question here is who Ucci accidentally-on-purpose passive-aggressively deleted.

That is the real mystery.


I probably should have included a :smiley: or perhaps the more subtle, yet accepting, :slight_smile:. I certainly didn’t mean :imp: or [-X or even :evilfun: let alone :unamused:

The net is complicated sometimes.

Yeah, I know. :slight_smile: But best to nip it in the bud, you know how things can be.

why was I deleted?

why was I deleted?

It’s been a while, as I recall I was deleteing spammer accounts, and you had replied to a thread a spammer created. I clicked on your name instead of their’s, and you were gone before I realized what I’d done.

hehe kk no problem, im still lingering

Thank you to all the staff that work so hard to keep the site free of “spam” although the titles of these threads can be fairly darn amusing, they are improper, young minds need all the, help and protection they can get. Thank you…

ok so porn title are funny to me. How they come up with them for movies and sites is beyond me, they do get imaginative :laughing: :laughing:

I came to ILP in hopes of being able to converse about ideas, not about personalities. I have been away, with only a few exceptions, because I had to endure ad hominem and derailment of thread attempts by moderators. If you saw my thread on smoking, you would understand.
Has anything been done, or will be done done by you, to assure those of us who post that moderators must follow the same rules they impose on us?
Congrats on your promotion. Please consider that ILP is not made respectable by the the number of newbies it can acquire, but by its allowance of debate without ad hominem, flaming, derailing attempts, trolling, etc.

Who got recently promoted? Uccisore? I don’t even know what tells us who’s a Mod.

Oh nevermind. Things are so complicated when it’s not an openly fascist state. I could say anything I want, provided I end it with “REICH HEIL!!” Uccisore could just say: “NO ERR! I DID IT FOR THE FUHRER!! REICH HEIL!” Free speach dictator style.


I would think it would be hard to delete a poster whose avatar looks like they’re stroking themselves.

Et tu, Gia?