Dear all,

Seems like the site was compromised yesterday and was being used as a warez hub server for a couple of days without us noticing! Not entirely sure how since we were using the latest version of phpbb but it seems there was a complication in the upgrade. Anyway, we are now using a fresh install and fingers crossed we won’t be open to the same exploit.

Apologies for being sent the e-mail entitled “HACKED!!” this was obviously sent by the person who exploited the website. It did not come from ILP Staff and we apologise for any inconvenience.

Sorry for the downtime, we hope you will rejoin us!

ILP Staff

Thank you Ben, I appreciate yall at the ILP staff getting on this so quickly. You might want to talk the people at PHPBB, and see if they have found any security flaws with the new software, it might have been that Slider was a wandering sniper, going after any new version he found. Also if we find problems like this in the future, how should we report them?

Cant find an edit button here so im going to have to double post (URGHH). After writing my original post, I went in search of Slider, the disreputable hacker who messed up the beloved ILP. In my search I came across phpbb’s site because a forum happended to mention using a slider (oh, the fallacies of Google) and later went to their securities. Apparently there was a major fix with security in version 2.0.11 (It looks like we’re on 2.0.10) that can be fixed without an upgrade. Yall in the staff might want to take a look. Thanks for all your support, we here really appreciate it. :smiley:

dude, ben upgraded ILP to v2.0.11 more than a week or so ago. :sunglasses:

What’s that? Oh, I’ll Google…


…can’t edit this link into my previous post, or I would’ve.

wooof, i thought you guys had left for somewhere else without telling me :unamused:
i’m glad you’re still here, doin great, as i can see

i’ll stick around for a bit :wink: