Archeologists unearth new Maya calander going beyond 2012 … -2012?lite

Yes, I know this is going to break your hearts, but apparently they just published unearthing a calendar room in Guatemala (spelled Guacamole in Mexicanese) in a Mayan City that… has a calendar continuing one a thousand years past 2012… meaning the world won’t end in 2012 according to the Mayans.

Your thread title is misspelled according to your premise.

No one said the Mayans said the world would end. It’s just the end of the long count—the longest calendar.

I think it’s pretty obvious that 2012 will be an occult event that capitalizes on the collective energy that will have built up by then. Nothing is ending but they’re probay going to kill a bunch of people because it’s a blood sacrifice solar cult.

Yeah… fixed that.

Um… they are always killing people in Mexico in bizarre, brutal, sacrificial ways… how will we know the difference from say, 2007 or 1996?

I predict the world will look like Mogadishu well before 2022.