Are blacks on welfare God's punishment for slavery?

I have heard the argument from Christians that AIDS is God’s punishment for sexual promiscuity, that the devestation of New Orleans was God’s wrath, and even that the 9/11 attacks were due to God’s anger at America.

Is it possible that all the black people on welfare and committing crimes is God’s punishment for America’s involvement in slavery?

No, it has to do with how Negroids evolved and how they are incapable of work unless forced. As they always say you know, black history started with slavery. :laughing:

Well, then at least “Blackattude” must be a punishment from above. Everytime I hear a black woman say “Exuuuuuuse me!”, it feels as though a lightning bolt has struck my spine. There is a supernatural force at work here.

I’m not sure about the ratio of sarcasm to bigotry, otherwise I’d admonish the latter.

I think that if blacks on welfare is God’s punishment for slavery, then none of them can actually be blamed for their sorry state. This would also apply to the terrorists who blew up the World Trade Center, because if God was using them as a means of punishment, then surely their free will was taken from them.

Because there is no way of knowing for sure, I think politicians should actually start giving blacks more money for welfare, just to be safe. If God is punishing America with blacks on welfare, surely giving them more money could appease his wrath, right?

Also, in another post I started about Judas and Pontius not having free will, one person brought up the point that because God may have forced them to act as they did, they are being given a great reward in Heaven. Is it possible that God actually is rewarding the 9/11 terrorists in Heaven as we speak? Not Allah, but the Christian God?

Most human beings strike me as being largely incapable of working properly unless their survival depends on it. That’s why the job market is driven by the fear of starvation and poverty.

It seems that your welfare state has a lot to sort out…

It seems to me more likely that whites on welfare and running around committing crimes is God’s punishment for slavery.

But I am no expert on God’s punishments.

That’s perfectly reasonable to assume, based on the logic of religious people.

It is not a punishment from God for slavery. It is a punishment we placed on ourselves for freeing them. While in slavery they worked for what the received. Since being freed we have to give them the things needed for survival. A black has never tried to better themselves or help themselves out of a situation. Anytime a person does not free themselves but has someone else do it (just as in Iraq and many other times in history) they will become a dependant on those that freed them.

There is nothing ethically or morally wrong with slavery. If the slave wants freedom then they should free themselves. Forced abolishment of slavery by an outside force or others is ethically and morally wrong. That is what has caused the consequences of the blacks on welfare. It is more of cause and effect than punishment.

Yes. I don’t hold stock in your “general moral law”.

Aesthetic, ethical and religious. You are talking about the aesthetic morality that is completely driven on emotions and pleasure, very childish. All people are equal, freedom is something we all should have and what is right for one is right for all; these and many others are aesthetic morals something I do not put stock into at all. I outgrew them when I recognized life was lived not watched like a theater. I do not determine morals from the view of the audience watching life, but by actively being part of life.

Hear hear. I second.

lol @ Ozman


Welfare via coersion is in a sense against the idea of free will. If you try to force someone to be charitable, it can have dire consequences. Rational choice is good.

It’s quite easy for God to punish via other humans. There’sa huge supply of evil doers. All he’s gotta do is put them in positions to do what comes naturally. “Evil doers, have your way w/ this wayward nation.”

I believe that there are a few general things that are right for all men, and one of them is the freedom to choose the way you wish to live. If you wish to live as a slave, who am I to tell you you can’t?
Of course, we have our own kinds of slavery in the modern world, but it’s less physically-violent than it was two hundred years ago.

You should write a new slogan for CareerBuilder. :smiley:

Is there a much higher %'age of blacks on welfare in the US then? We don’t have that problem here in the UK, but then again most of the blacks here are the 2nd/3rd generation offspring of the Caribbean migrants who came here to work in the 60s.

Aren’t there any government policies to get the African American’s into work, or study, or something: there’s gotta be - over here it’s compulsory to show you are actively looking for work, and applying for jobs etc.