Are entertainers worth more than educators/doctors?

Why is it a doctor makes 20-50,000 a yr
versus a NBA or Celebrity makes 5,000,000 year?

Its not about the man, its about the deed. The deed is worth more because of the extensive system which it helps. A professional athlete helps a massive business system. As a culture, entertainment is very profitable. People are willing to spend a lot of money on entertainment.

I want to say something vague but somehow true about this.

The aesthetic is just as important as the commodity, however the means through which one source aquires more popularity than the other is not always the result of the efforts of the celebrity; the market context uses subjects to advertise other results, that is, other agendas for the means of the advertisement. For example, a music celebrity today might sound better singing if you shoved a sock down his throat…but that isn’t important when its not the music that is selling, but the clothing, the fashion, the image, a host of semiotic things.

The field of medicine on the other hand provides an objective product which has no further agendas…it is therefore not a medium but a result.

I think atheletes are overpaid because the money they recieve has nothing to do with the production of art they offer, but rather it is money paid through endorsements and advertisement iconology, just like the music industry.

Why then wouldn’t a doctor who wears Nikeys be paid more? He’s cool, just like Jordan, right?

He’s got the shoes on to prove it.

This thread hits particularly hard after what I have been through. I am a better musician than any of the guys who moved towards “tracks” but they decided to do it anyway for money. Half the music you hear on the radio is digital which is unnerving to the accomplished musician who composes, writes lyrics, and is completely ignored. It’s all about JLo’s butt and Lindsay Lohan’s sex appeal — of course the marketing package is important but what happened to the other half of the package? Have you noticed how many starlets are becoming singers? They can because they have so much behind (cute ass) them that isn’t their talent, but they “manufacture” the music, the put the cutie-pie up there to do their thing.

I am not stupid enough to think that I am the hot band chick anymore - a granny, so I get it but it doesn’t help my musician know-how or my middle-aged ego.

My answer would be - I respect the muscian who is the “little guy” in the basement of some ratty tenement who has talent. The rest of these so-called entertainers are worth nothing, except fot the butt they wiggle. I give doctors more regard… beyond doctors (farrrrrrrrrrr beyond) TEACHERS!!!

Part of the trouble with giving teacher so much honor is that honorable work is supposed to pure. Too much of a financial reward would make that work impure. The (mainly historic) associations of poverty and purity are still strong.

It probably balances out. You see most trained doctors are paid pretty well. While most actors are happy to get enough money to buy Ramen Noodles. But the big actors get paid the big money because movies make so much money.

One has to be alive before they can learn, Bessy.

The Medical field is the most important industry of them all.

If keeping people healthy is the determining factor in the scale of importance, then a nutritionist or a fitness instructor will have to move up a few pegs. Doctors do some amazing emergency work, but don’t help that much in day to day health maintenance.

could be that the docters and teachers simply don’t have good enough promoters. :laughing:

and bess the best musicians never get on the radio, have you ever heard of flogging molly. i love them, you should play up what you have not what you want. put your stuff on the net for free tell everyone you can about it. right on this sight alone (with ben’s permission) you could post some music let those on this sight who love you put it out into the public. use what you have, not what you want.

I think people often confuse necessary with important. I realize we need doctors, but to me they’re just mechanics, albeit mechanics that work on humans. They require extensive & costly education, so I’d say their relatively high compensation is “fair” vs the value of services they provide.

While it would seem that entertainers are paid all out of proportion to the value they provide, they earn what the market will bear. If those who sign their paychecks can pay them at those exorbitant levels and still turn a profit, then I’d have to grudgingly admit they their wage is “fair”, even if it’s absurd.

The most powerful source of wealth in an industrial society is mass production. Those who can mass produce a desirable good will get rich. The rest may get by alright but will probably never be even 1% as rich as the mass producers.

With the advent of recording technology and television, entertainers can mass produce. They’re rich for the same reason that Carnegie got rich over a century ago.

The fact that they’re selling an image or whatever is not so much important as the fact that they are selling it to a lot of people.

Thanks, I needed that.

I would also love to hear, Bessy music, as she claim it is good but it will never be brought to light. Post it in the creative forum, and have a link.

Now about the rest, that is a good theory, those who can produce a good will for the mass producers will get rich. But what are the entertainers providing? cutie pie butts as Bessy claims.

But I don’t think so, look at the whore industry. MAybe they are not cutie pies. Whatsoever, cutie pie butts will rot. Something I would like to see, is an entertainer gives all his fortune and follow christ.

About doctors and teachers, they sought wisdom not pleasure, so they got what they want, they sought for an average paid, they have a price on their heads.