Are humasn machines?

Are we all just programmed to reach a certain goal (i.e. reproduction or survival)?

I found the following quote when i googled the subject:
We are survival machines - robot vehicles blindly programmed to preserve the selfish molecules known as genes. This is a truth which still fills me with astonishment. Though I have known it for years, I never seem to get fully used to it.
----- Richard Dawkins

This kind of thinking is a bit depressive, yet it is difficult to refute. A lot of behaviour can be attributed to a desire to be accepted or have status in a community.

Perhaps our pursuit of happiness is what differentiates us from machines?
or can it be categorised as the evasion of pain and thus as a survival mechanism?

What about Altruistic love? For family and Strangers even, is this just another survival mechanism?
Families are necessary to bring up children and communities arguably facilitate human survival.

excuse the typo please!

Richard Dawkins? The host of Family Feud? You’re gonna listen to him?

The person behind the quote is obviously more important to you than the subject itself?

Just a little humor there, Svenn. (Hello? Is thing on?) Richard Dawkins is, of course, the famous evolutionary biologist, and not the game show host who was, of course, Richard Dawson. (Although you never see them in the same room together).

But to answer your question, it is my opinion that what separates us from machines is our ability to feel emotions. Most here (and welcome to the site, by the way) seem to disagree with that. Some even call that thinking bad philosophy. So my guess is that most people here would agree with Dawkins. (Maybe even Dawson).