Are Ideas a Fundamental Part of Reality?

I tend to romanticize with Plato’s Theory of Forms because it gives supreme reality to the abstract concepts and ideas we encounter in life. Consider how one person views an individual as beautiful but another doesn’t. Then consider how the perception of the individual’s beauty can change over time as they get to know the “inner person.” Are these interpretations of Plato’s abstract of Beauty? Or is Beauty a spectrum?

If we don’t believe Plato’s theory then maybe the argument can be made another way. Neurophysiologist Roger Sperry said ideas are “just as real” as the neurons in our brains. John Wheeler said “It from Bit” to show how reality may be at its essence information. Dr. Giulio Tononi believes consciousness is the integration of information. DNA is of course coded information. If we understand ideas as information, than can’t we consider ideas as fundamental to reality as atoms?

I kind of like this thought that everything is information because it puts it all on the same scale; matter, life, and even ideas. If we take Richard Dawkins and his “meme” than we can even postulate that ideas (memes) are quite possibly alive (at least abstractly). I’m a novice at big idea thinking so I’m looking forward to your thoughts on this!

More thoughts:

Yup, ideas are “things” and “things” are ideas. Reality is an idea and it is a thing, maybe the only thing, and encompassing all ideas and things. Plato was maybe half right then. Forms are ideals by which we measure actual things and events, but they are also themselves simply ideas drawn from actual things and events (they don’t pre-exist our thoughts of them), and so are a product of reality as much as a standard by which we measure it. Or something.