Are sports more than just a metaphor for war?

are young people trained as athletes at just the right age and with just as much discipline as a solider?

when the national anthem is song kicks off at sporting events and the jets fly over in v-formation, do you ever think of it as more than just a spectacle for your entertainment?

are teams located in almost all major metropolitan areas in order to unite citizens state by state, region by region?

kill the man with the ball?

are the goals/points scored in sports representive of you future ambitions?

What does a sports dynasty or an underdog do for the way you see the world?

Has your team spirit paid off with a visit as champions to white house?

I would say so yes

I never realy thought of it any other way no

It would seem so wouldnt it, though I dont see how the unity remains in big leuge sports where 90% of the team comes from somewhere other than the area

There are alot of similarities between war and team games yes. If you look back through history, most games were based on war practices. Just look at the olympics. Discus, hammerthrow, Pentathlon. I would say that most games orriginated from war yes. Though not all

Only if your future ambitions are reflected by your physical prowess

Gives me hope

Its symbolistic as regognition for your efforts so yeah Id say so

[b]pin the star on the student, pin the star on the solider, call the the minimum wage worker a loser, break the record for assembling parts on the assembly line. Recongintion because everyone wants to be seen. Dont worry its only symbolic. Effort begets effort. Live by it, that motto.

The soldier that spared the enemy of his life showed good sportsmanship.

I’d have to say you’re a good student of the game.[/b] You’ll do well.