Are They Just Holding Out For Fusion?

The lack of intensive recycling of waste at any expense along with nuclear waste and depleting fossil fuel sources, are the governments of the world just winging it on the preservation of the planet until someone successfully uses nuclear fusion as a means of power, this is how it seems to me, and their doesn’t seem any likelihood that nuclear fusion power is viable in the near future, what’s the dealio…!

Thanks to tentative, I have been researching this exact topic for a few days, and have come up with nothing ~ summarily, zero, zilch, nada, nyet …

I don’t get it either … there appears to be no good answer to give you.

Japan and the EU are in the initial stages of beginning fusion research. Supposedly the U.S. is also involved, but as a tag-a-long me-too participant. In the mid 70’s, right after the first arab oil embargo, the DEO was created and started funding research for all sorts of alternative energy ideas. They gave a few million to fusion research people, who after a few years, reported that it would probably take 20 years of continued effort to develop a sustainable commercial fusion industry. The research money immediately dried up and the R&D died right there. Soooo, short-term policy leaves us where we are today. Had we approached fusion as a Manhatten Project, we would have been running on fusion about 10 years ago, and the need to be “protecting our national interests” in the middle east would be zip. Myopia has it’s costs…

The Japan-EU effort is barely in its beginning stages, so unless there is some giant break-through in technological development, fusion will remain a 15-20 year ‘out there’ promise.

Fusion is our best long term answer, but in some ways, it will make little difference to the majority of the world’s population. Cheap energy is a thing of the past, and while fusion can give us an almost inexhaustable source of energy, the vast majority of the earth’s population won’t be able to generate the capital to have it.

What? That’s just crazy talk tentative. You can’t really mean that people expect returns on their investments, and won’t participate unless they see the certified path to rape and loot the public … are you?

Seriously, you’re just as crazy as a loon … profits … pfffffff.


It’s samo samo… If you want to know what is going on, follow the money. When you think about it, if all the energy spent trying to screw the next guy out of a dime could be fed into the power grid, there would be no energy problem… :laughing:

Wouldn’t that be socialised energy … ???

Ewwwwwwww, going over to the commie camp are ya?

A refutation of economic cannibalism is not automatically to take sides with a communism. Neither is it anarchist. But it’s not very efficient when a species eats its own babies and kills its own fellows.

Oil companies. Need I say more?


Dammit, where is that back-slap-into-tomorrow emoticon when I need it? :evilfun:

Perhaps this is a unifying need that can break up the profit-at-all-cost cartel. The energy need isn’t just a local issue so that we can drive SUVs bigger than a small house, the need is global. And the need is growing every day. It isn’t just the industrialized countries that have their … being squeezed, it is everyone everywhere. At some point, it could easily become the galvanizing issue to force the government/corporations to actually cooperate in finding the long term solutions to energy production, of which fusion could at least be part of the answer.

NO LAUGHING! I know its BS, but hey, it could happen…

:snicker:: ::snicker::