Are we bborn truly free from responsibility?

Maybe this question has already been asked a jillion times, but are we truly born free from all responsibilities? What I mean is, do I have an innate duty to “help my fellow man”, or an innate resoponsibility to obey others? :slight_smile:

treating your neighbor like yourself isnt necesarily a responsibility like most others, but your either a solipsist(believe your the only real thing?) or you know how it feels when you hurt other people. and if you hurt other people anyway, fuck you. i wont punish you or say that that certainly will happen. just fuck you

no, I was was reffering to to major governments when I said “others”; not neccessarily other comrades, if you catch my drift. :confused: :slight_smile:

i think if the us made a conscious effort to heal the world, not for money or oil, but for the sake of helping people, the world could be a great peaceful place very soon.

imagine if we took all the military out of the middle east and stopped pissing them off in general, and lets say israel accidentaly blows up due to NORAD computer malfunction. then we make it our stated mission to heal the world, we go around and use the full might of our military to stop shit in africa and actually spend a huge amount of money helping, instead of killing. imagine $200 billion in humanitarian aid, what that would do for a third world country.

now each of those countries that we ACTUALLY help (which is something we dont really do today), not only would they get out of their third world slump and become a useful country, they would be our allies forever.

we could start a huge world empire based on love and friendship. all it would take is an honest effort to not make a profit. we would have to put into power a guy who is not a piece of shit animal. we would have to actually help them build an expensive infrastructure of roads and electricity, or at least allow them the capability to do it themselves. we would have to draw up countries where there were no ethnic minorities potentially being exploited who will then revolt.

its possible to make a world empire, but it requires all of the people involved to not be selfish animals. fat chance. that means that all the humanitarian work we do today is because a politician wants to be re-elected. lets see how much non-profit humanitarian work bush does if hes re-elected.