Are we Human Racists?

God, social-connections, or a pet-puppy,
Which of the three would you have,
If you could only try to have one?

I must say J, it’s easy to respond to you, your ID being just one letter thank you for that. I also wanna congratulate you for speaking to what I RACISM–Oh that’s must mean:black vs white people. Thanks for grasping the real intent of my original post!

I’ll conceded my stance was absolutist in writing we ALL are human racists. Or to use your somewhat esoteric term speciesist. I think that might be an English coinage on your part based on the adjectival model, but hey lets not digress.

You contend that we are in some definable way, superior to living beings on this planet. I am still ruminating on this. I wanna say right off, YES I’m a human racist! Of course how could I not be. I For instance, I eat processed food like cuts of beef, designed for my consumption, and know quite well, were raised and slaughtered for the express of me consuming it. We control these species for our sustenance. How could I not be a human racist. What kinda bothers me about this position is its arrogance. There is no doubt that we ARE pragmatically (and this is a bad turn of phrase to use here) top dog on this planet.

Frank Tipler, a physicist that wrote a book called The Physics of Immortality, considered the question of our humanity superiority and tried to quantified the notion. He theorized about of living beings as information processing entities. He came up with a somewhat abitrary paradigm like this:

If you accept we are really just information processing units, then we can form the following theory.

The normal human mind can process 10*15 bits of data (100 trillion bits), while most mammalian animals can’t get anywhere near that state of processing. He further postulates that self-awareness or consciousness won’t occur in any significant way until our brains can process this much info. And yes confirming what you alluded to, certain mammalian beings like whales, dolphins and maybe others may come close to this figure. And you’re right again, they don’t have a usable form of language that allows them to make and disseminate knowledge like we do. But, when you take all this in and lets say you agree, does it really give an objective way to determine such judgemental notions as superior and inferior?
Because we are more intelligent and control the physical environment of this planet does that make us superior?

You may have heard the cold war argument that if there is a nuclear conflagration the insects that breeds in countless numbers and can the most inhospitable conditions might surmont us! It was put forth when Americans thought the Soviets (there a blast from the past) were gonna have WWIII with them. The same argument is put forth in the much more current debate concerning global warming. If there is truth to this argument who is really the superior species? We can take it further and ask what if a viral species develops worst than AIDs and manages evade every cure we have for it aren’t we in endanger of being wiped out by our inferiors?

As an existentialist, I see NO superior living beings on this our beloved planet. I see vying species with one in control for the moment and the struggle continuously going on. We would strike a point for our supremacy if we actually leave this planet and colonize others worlds, but it shouldn’t give us license posit our superiority over other species. We could well die out on the alien world.

As strange as this will sound, I’m NOT saying we should treat animals, plants, or any other form of life, as if they’re our equals. I’m saying look within ourselves and treat ourselves as nothing special. We are a chance life form development and nothing special. Maybe I still haven’t expressed it precisely. Damn it’ s hard to get this notion clear. Forgive me.

This is only in response to the original post. Please forgive me if I fly a bit off the subject.

Perhaps this is why I’m so interested in philosophy, but it’s been my long habit to question whatever group associated with myself rather than assume I’m part of some exclusive, superior union. Sometimes I wonder if that hinders my success more than aid it.

I’ve come to wonder- If an alien species messaged me with a plot to invade our planet, would I actually turn them down? In that case, are there many people wondering the same things, which would provide them ample opportunity for collaboration? Then- is that already happening? :astonished: :smiley:

Spooky vision aside, I think it’s fair to say that we must give a lot of respect for our new abilities, and are obligated to take a lot of humility for their dangers.

Humanity is at a very fascinating stage in development, by which I believe can redefine our species as a whole, quite fundamentally. Do I sound creepy yet?

Here’s the irony. As far as our foreseeable nature goes- we are the aliens. Not simply by the strange facts that life on Earth may have actually been influenced by a Martian meteor, but also that our abilities are just at the brink of being similar to that which you could imagine from an alien visiting for the first time. We’re at the brink of terraforming planets. That includes redesigning life forms to suit a new habitat, and using methods we haven’t seen nature really employ. Oversimplified: We’re animals wielding tools of gods. Like animals we’re extremely irresponsable with them. We’ve tempered tools for long. Are we willing or able to temper ourselves properly, in order to accept those responsabilities? What if that temperament requires more than cognitive discipline, but maybe genetic? Or cybernetic? Will we continue with the attitude that our progress relies on our assimilation of everything, willed or not? It seems that way so far. And can we actually picture a real benefactor so far in all this assimilation, compared to the natural world? When my neighbours seem happy and with little fear, it seems to be the case. But when I look at black and white statistics, things are a little more disturbing.

I find it particularly interesting that the people discussing our lack of communion or respect for nature- are usually the people that have experienced very little of nature. I’ve been a city slicker all my life. My handle says it all.