Are we losing the Human Race?


[list][size=120][i]- Are we losing the Human Race?

  • Where is the finish line exactly?

  • Should we speed up or slow down in order to be the winners?

  • Who will be presenting the medals?[/i][/size][/list:u]


There is no race for human survival

We are already circling the drain.

Humanity has a end just like everything else. We will never live forever.

That’s not true. Accepting Jesus into your heart gives you eternal life.

Jesus got crucified… why?

Why does god crucify himself?

no wait, god had a son, and then crucified him.

was jesus a demi god? a god incarnate? god himself? some trinity holyghost?

Religious fat cats can’t make up their damn minds. i have moved on.

Can’t lose what is constantly moving and changing.