Are women bitchier than men?

Okay, I made a comment about being bitchy (as women can get) which I KNOW is a cliche - but why is it a cliche if there isn’t any truth to it?

Do women get edgy during their period or is that also a cliche? Do all men complain about that - or is that a cliche as well? Are we so evolved that none of that stuff has some truth anymore?

In the Fairytale thread, I was critisized for making a sexist, irrational comment, but I was wondering from all of you… is there any truth to it? I know the more evolved (politically correct) answer is that there are no roles in the sexes anymore. This new generation has evolved past June and Ward (thank God) but do the cliches linger like the garlic in June’s kitchen?

We are a product of our generation
whether we like it or not. You will all see that when you, too, are over 50. Your children will tell you how it 'tis and how it tisn’t… but you will be a product of what you have experienced, what you have been told, and what have lived for 50 years. If you weren’t raised in the 50’s and 60’s you wouldn’t get that, but one day YOU WILL.

By the way, OG, you were right. And also Liquidangel… we needed no icing on our bitchy-cake, but thanks anyway, sweetheart.

What was the question again? :astonished:

I truly think that we are not so much evolved in the natural sense, but certainly in the cultural/intellectual. By this I mean there is enough information out there on how to crawl from whatever society our enviroment we grew up in to something beyond, something greater. That’s why I suggested the Neitzsche.

Some do it through philosophy, or a type of religion. The point in my mind isn’t to believe in anything in particular but merely in yourself. Like anything it takes work, but if you stop to listen to yourself close enough you’ll eventually start to hear other thought processes hidden from normal use. Evnetually you can unearth these evolutionarily (in the real sense) ‘higher’ aspects of the human consciousness which is hard to explain, but I shall try.

Imagine two beavers building a dam:

1 represents an ex-nascar beer mascot cocaine addicted convict: Someone who busts through life at face value with mindless assertions fueled by an evolutionarily ‘lower’ mindset.

The 2nd beaver represents someone of a ‘higher’ mindset. For this example we’ll just say this is a strong, confident woman not so much unlike yourself or Liquid.

So, these beavers are building their life damns and like all causal rivers, the current changes over time; It gets strong in some areas, and weak in others. Beaver 1 maintains his dam as he first created it, piling more and more useless outside sticks all around. Beaver two notices the weak areas opposite the strong currents and adapts her dam, utilizing both the strong and weak areas for a dam which not only protects, but also utilizes a fluxuous design which enables the beaver live comfortably, taking in all that nature has to offer while still being protected. It is perhaps more work for beaver 2, but it seems that most of the time it’s that time spent during which beaver 1 is piling more and more unconscious sticks ontop the same weak positions.

Beaver 3 has learned to climb to the top of the trees to see that which lays further down the river, and also most of which lies unseen at sea level.

What an awesome answer. People like you are why I keep coming back here. I have learned so much. Thank you for that, OG.

My pleasure my dear :smiley:

Ummmmm, So tell me Gobbo, any particular reason you chose a beaver for your example? Is this literary license or a freudian slip? :laughing: There are all kinds of ways constructing a world view. We need Tab to splain the genetic pre-disposition to the sort of relationships that typically result in marraige. Help us out, Tab. No one way is right for everyone, but apparently, most folks find intimacy easier inside of marraige than not. That requires giving, and not all are interested in that. But the roles we assume either make sense to us or they don’t.

Viva La Differences!


I’m Canadian remember? :smiley:

#-o #-o Sorry, I forgot. You guys are the real beaver chasers… In fact, even though I can’t remember which museum it is in, Canada proudly displays the biggest beaver in the world! =D> =D>

No wonder I can’t understand filosophy. ](*,)


How easy can it get? Just follow the beaver… :wink:

You mean there’s more than 3 beavers?

So far we have a beaver who fights against the current (I’m assuming this represents emotions), a beaver who adapts to the current, a beaver in the trees and now you’re telling me to follow more…???

Ohhhhhhhh, I’ll never understand this, and more importantly, how this has anything to do with bitching ](*,)


Well, Gobo started the beaver routine and I just enjoyed the metaphor. You gotta admit, it is a fun visual… As to what it has to do with the OP I have no idea. I’m sure Gobo can splain it, or perhaps Her Bessiness can bring it into focus. And please, leave the wall alone. Kris West has already battered it beyond recognition…

You gotta love it. Beavers battling for supremacy. Where’s my camera?


This basically has to do with taking control of one’s emotions/life, utilizing the more cerebral brain capacities we all have. The OP was a question by Bess asking whether is truth in cliches like ‘woman are bitchy’, and if so, if this is this something that is under our control.

I’m of the impression it is.

I think we’re predisposed to certain things given our natural genetic makeup and certain lingering instincts, but I’m positive we can break from trends we let rule our lives if we really want to.

And this is done through different introspective excersizes. One of which you’re in right now! :smiley:

I was in rehearsal tonight and missed all the fun.


If you think I wasn’t wanting to jump all over “the beaver” in the beginning you are wrong, but my rep has been built on… well…er, um… you know, so I left it alone. (Just for you actually, tent.) You expect me to be my virtuous self which I know you feel is my more evolved self. I have kind of a dirty mind for a lady, but I can work on that, right?
LOL :^o

[size=75]And you think size doesn’t count.[/size]

I agree that we may be predisposed to have certain traits or beliefs but we can overcome them (as OG) very aptly described. We may be products of our past and our environment but that doesn’t mean we can’t overcome them and grow. [i]

The best bitch I know happens to be a man, but I wouldn’t want to let on who it is.[/i] :laughing:

You know my imagination is waaaaaay to vivid and can take demented humorous turns, you all just warped it. it took its own reigns and ran , my sides hurt.

I patched up the wall and painted it with the graduating mule just to be thorough for you :laughing:

Are women bitchier then men, well since it was developed to describe women, Yea. Unless you count men that are feminine.

Yes women get a tad more edgy during PMS although my husband swears that for me its the 2 weeks before and the 2 weeks after that are the worst. I know he only jests, and when our son emphatically agrees he too is yanking my chain. Cliches are based upon certain realities. Some eventually are outgrown others hold on for dear life.

I like the title bitchy it is like a warning label to protect those you love.

Like being is bitch is a bad thing. :laughing: :laughing:

:D/ :wink: :laughing:

Somehow, I’d like to say something with a slightly serious note but it may be that I’ve spent my capital in foolishness. The cliches about women and men are just that - cliches. But there is a kernal of truth behind all of them. Yes, we can always say, “or not” and perhaps that is an ‘evolved’ understanding on the part of an individual. A woman can overcome PMS and a man can actually admit he is lost and ask for directions, but in the main, we dance to our hormones and the cultural expectations of our upbringing. That’s how cliches become cliches. It is our ability to laugh at those cliches and laugh at ourselves that finally is the important part.

So Bessy, Yes, I knew OG’s beaver metaphor would be tempting for you. That’s why I played it up so you wouldn’t feel obligated to say the obvious. Anything I can do to preserve your virtue… :sunglasses:

Kris, We warped your imagination??? Some how, that seems unlikely… :stuck_out_tongue: “… vivid and demented…” There is something familiar in that… :laughing: (she looks for another sack of wall patch)

OG, I know it was unintentional, but I gotta tell ya’, dam building beavers has to be the most dead-on metaphor I’ve seen in a long while…


Well, I was going to join in with a witty, well thoughtout post …

Then I was accosted with bitches, hoes, beavers and the importance of measurements …

Oh well, there are other threads …