Are women smarter then men?

Grasping insights of justice and equality for women, in my current women studies class, talking about islam.

If women wants to study and have roles in society, let them.
Let women do all the work for men, while, the men sit in his throne, to procreate. Procreate the future where cars can fly.

At the beginning when I thought that women roles were to do their duty of the household, they are queens, and men do all the work for them.

Like the labors of the bees work all day, while the bee queen sits in eternal pleasure and eats the fruits of the workers. quoting from Hesoid works and days

But now the household queen, demands equality and justice, they want to work, would it not the the throne be handed to the child? The household ruler the prince or princess? And If they wants to labor and demand equality and justice

I wonder will this thread be moved to the rant or mundane bable?

This has nothing to do about who is smarter – which is neither.

Men have a higher IQ average.


What do you honestly think that means? IQ isn’t intelligence complete… besides, there are more women in the world too.

Females, in the widest general sense, are born with multi-level intuitive knowledge capabilities that men utterly lack, in the widest general sense.

Compare multi-level intuitive knowledge with linear analytical knowledge.

Wherein lies the superior form of discernment?

If we separate Male Intelligence and Female intelligence, and then the respective consciousnesses from those concepts, effectively turning the ‘intelligences’ into tools in the most fundamental sense – then the superior form of discernment would lie in utilizing both tools as adeptly as possible.

After all, thoughts are fleeting; and while one has the advantage of a biological memory to go along with it, they are both simply a means to societal truth.

The true, private, unspeakable world of introspection is always present, but I would think that in today’s world especially, it is the societal truths which largely dictate ‘intelligence’ in this manner we’re talking about.

Among more average people, there are a lot more fairly smart women than fairly smart men. This is why women tend to do better in school.

But among geniuses - geniuses of any kind, mind you - there are very few women. This is based on the neurobiology of the brain, and not on social factors - although social factors, in the past, may have prevented a woman’s genius from being known.

Essentially, on a low level, women are smarter - but on a high level, men are smarter.

Yep, men and women are different in every way,
shape and form and that includes this idea
of intelligence. I think women can survive better in
a man’s world then men can survive in a woman’s world.
But that I mean, get a group of women together and let
them babble and most men, run far and fast.
Women quite often will stay in a men’s conversation.

One thing I have noticed is women do exactly the same things
they criticize men for, but women care more if they are
caught and are far better at not getting caught whereas men
don’t care.



It was shocking to live in a house with 3 girls, all of whom had girlfriends – and to see the type of stuff they pulled. Obviously 3 is a horrible data pool, but being as they were from various places throughout the country they were essentially ‘random’ enough to draw some conclusions.

They fall basically in line with yours Pete. Questioning them about it produced a ‘it’s a girl thing’ or ‘Yeah… girls are nasty’ in a carefree manner. Any further discussion seemed almost bizarre to them, a sense of ‘Why are you so interested in this?’.

Flip the coin.

One of the boyfriends confessed, himself to making out with a girl to my roommate. Now, she herself had slept with 3 guys and obviously didn’t tell the boyfriend, but she flipped. Absolutely lost it… it was incredible. When she had cooled down long enough for me to suggest she was a giant hypocrite she basically said ‘Well he’s never going to find out, and if he somehow does I’ll just fight until he believes me’.

It was so matter of fact… the rest of the girls – same thing. Fascinating stuff…

IQ is like how much RAM you have on your PC.

The quality of programming is an entirely different question.

well said

I just spent about 8 hours straight writing a research paper on this and studying it in my classes for several weeks. the school system is very intent on straightening this issue out in the most socially acceptable way.

men and women are very different in their intellegence and measuring intellegence has been shown to be exceedingly faulty in many ways. so to answer straight, there is no way of knowing or measuring who(m?) is “smarter”

however, studies show that women excell in lingual and intuative thinking and that their brains, overall develop faster. It’s also possible that Women have a more efficient cognative process, as their MRI scans seem to show. however, this could also mean that men just think something through more thoroughly. who knows. it’s really not very easy to interpret MRI scans.
Men have exceptional spatial cognition and “logic”.

if you’re really interested, this article was the most interesting that I had to read for my report:

I don’t think so.

The intellect developed so the human animal would increase its chances to mate.

Only men are trying to get laid all the time…so I suspect that a greater intelligence is unique to the male gender, although this isn’t saying much because most women are stupid…all things considered. Even ugly men get laid nowadays. Its truely remarkable.

I think the term ‘multi-tasking’, and the fact that women are better at it, reveals a lot.

But what sort of tasks are women able to combine together, and do at the same time ?

Complex tasks ?.. No.

But, if you combine the complexity of all the little things they can do at the same time, you will probably come up with a figure similar to that of a man’s abilities.

In software terms, perhaps men’s brains can be seen as running one operating-system, whilst women are running several operating-systems at the same time.

Hmmm… maybe that’s why they act schitzo sometimes. :smiley:

I think this shows that they should idealy work as a time, due to them each being unique and one being better at some things then the other.

In classic Jewish ideology, “god” made Eve as a helper for the man. This portrays a supportive role, instead of the roll as leader.

Attraction and experience is what gets humans laid more often.

Intelligence is not the issue for sex.

I’ve seen pleanty of dummies who spend their days fucking and feeling instead of reflecting upon the deeper meaning of life…

Schitzo, or ADD?

I’ve seen geniuses who act like they have no brain. IMHO a person with a lower IQ can be smarter than a genius. It all depends on how you use what you have.

I think time will tell as to whether men are smarter than women. The majority of women have not been allowed education and careers as long as men have. There are women scientists and doctors and there are men who have more menial jobs.

you are right as always, godly old Gobbo.

I just made a two side topic in one coin. Just to see do I make sense, why didn’t my opening discussion has nothing to do with the topic?

Well… your OP pretty much diverts from the question of ‘who is smarter’.

You’re bordering on family politics I would say… which is a fine topic, it’s just that it, like I said, doesn’t really have much to do with ‘who is smarter’.

I find that a lot of the time with your topics the title is vastly different from the content. It’s alright I suppose, you seem to get a fair amount of people to view your posts… it just always strikes me as funny/interesting. Sort of why I was prompted to post the first time… admittedly in somewhat of a concise/uninformative manner.