Are you satisfied with the ILP moderation?

Concerning the thread “Jesus came to Earth again! What?! Would we recognize Him?” (forum: Philosophy; subforum: Religion and Spirituality; Moderator: Dan~). This thread is just one of many examples, because many other threads are also concerned.

This forum is called “I Love Philosophy” and this thread I chose as an example is called “Jesus came to Earth again! What?! Would we recognize Him?”. So those people who want to talk about soemthing else can do it e.g. in other threads of other forums; but if they do it in that thread, then they derail that thread.

For example: 50% of the first page of that said thread (|=>) is nothing else than deraling text. … Dan~, where are you?

Here are two examples of threads where people can post if they want to derail threads or keep them off-topic: