Are you unwell?

Having taken a break from ILP, and returning recently, has shown me that many of the people on ILP may be unwell?
Either through mental illness, loneliness, being social misfits, people who are angry at life, or just those who have empty lives and are trying to fill it in some way.

Having looked back through many threads, I could see that there was a great diversity of people that came here but who eventually become frustrated and left (as they expressed it).
It appears that even some long term members, who were major contributors, became frustrated and left.

What is left may be a dysfunctional family of misfits who may perceive themselves as experts in some field or another.
Similar to the abusive parent who tells others that they know how to raise their children (has raised 7 kids and so is an expert).
This dysfunction is then perceived as the healthy norm and so every effort is used to maintain this status quo.

Such forums are relatively safe places and hence provide a great opportunity for those who are unwell to experiment with a reduced risk of ego-harm.
But… it so often changes from experimentation (a search for growth) to self-comforting/affirmation (a return to childhood).

As a species we often seek to define ourselves as “good” people and others as “bad” people.
Good and Bad are defined by what we personally find relevant to our own lives (e.g. knowledge, politeness, belonging to the heard, attractiveness).
Something is GOOD if we like it and something is BAD if we don’t like it. And we like something through familiarity and repetition (we perceive habitual states of mind as good and non-habitual states of mind as bad).

Are you unwell?
Why are you on ILP?
If you are unwell, why don’t you seek wellness in real life rather than the virtual life?
Has the internet, facebook, twitter, “social” media increased the tendancy for people to remain unwell rather than recover from their un-wellness?
What habits of mind do you want to change?
Are you reactionary to life or do have a greater plan that will change your habits of mind?

Do you seek growth or do you seek comfort?

I came here to seek growth, but found the ignorant and bullish among those seeking the same… the forums used to be much more worse than it is today JR W… like the Wild West before any lawmen came along… shocking I know. :astonished:

I don’t think my observations were a criticism (if that is how they came across) but more of an observation. Naturally, people will take them to be a criticism and I knew that when I posted.

What sort of growth did you seek? There are many different things that can grow.

I make no claim to poor or perfect health. I find that certain people represent certain dominant or lets say somehow perniciously effective views, most of which I contain in myself - have urges, hidden assumptions, contradictions in myself, that they reflect. I find it useful to deal with this in the more open dynamic, where another person gets to play the role of something that is also me or in me that seems problematic to me. Most people present themselves as having one opinion/worldview/epistemology and so on. I doubt that in the extreme can be the case. Regardless, it is not the case with me. Given the nature of a human growing up in a society, the paths to knowledge and opinions is not some neat, I am rationally choosing my beliefs type of situation one might think reading forums like this or listening to people in general. Everyone claims to know the reasons they believe things and have rational arguments that they think are the reasons they believe things. They know what is in their own minds and nothing ever got stuck in there and, sure they may have doubts, but there is a majority opinion (inside) and their ego knows what it is and agrees. I think that is not at all the situation unless one has gone through a tremendous process for a long time, that includes some real delving into the unconscious in more than contemplative processes. One not so deep way to do this is to interact with people who want to represent certain positions that are inside me but are egodystonic. Sometimes this can help lead to integrating these ideas (or the emotions behind them but not the ideas). Sometimes the sickness of those ideas becomes clear in the discussion and I can more easily reject the infection - certain memes conceived as viral. (I make no claims to neatness in how I carry out this process, nor is it as simple as this) I do think some people have ideas that are anti-life and not simply people in whatever current taboo positions are. I think much of modern rationality has some pretty pernicious stuff in it - I also see this in application - say in technology, where ‘progress’ based on what I think and feel is sick metaphysics is rationally defended by people who I once thought should know better. IOW this is not all some narcissistic Jungian exercise, where if I don’t like something it is merely my shadow and my reactions are merely a sign of my own lack of self-acceptance. No, I think some stuff is sick and even evil in the sense of being anti-life.

I think in general the internet will exacerbate most people’s problems and along with other social media is damaging or reducing the range of functions of the social mammal brain…

a great read with a lot of scientific evidence that this is the case is… … CAAJ&hl=sv

by the neuroscientist Susan Greenfield.

This kind of research will be fought in precisely the ways research that showed smoking was bad for your health was fought by people with tremendous power.
Note: her critique is not based on the effects of cellphone radiation, etc, but rather how the new media train the brain to make us less empathetic, and less able to function - at a very basic level - as social animals. Not because we get all nasty in forums - this is an effect - but because, for example, children who even use these technologies for a short period of time cannot recognize emotions in the faces and body language of others. IOW they no longer have the same ability to notice and consider real the internal states of other humans. (this connects, in a way to what I posted around consciousness responding to another post of yours) There is a lot of other interesting research in her book and frankly it fits with what I see and find ‘out there’.

On the other hand I think the new media present opportunities for some.

Thanks Moreno, will get back to your post soon.

The strangest thing is that it is impossible to assess illness, when most people have some underlying issue in their life. In or out or reality, the Internet, work, interpersonal differences, artistic and intellectual preoccupations, I do not think this forum can define whether it is an artistic, or psychological, or some health issue draws them. But that goes for most areas of life, and for that reason, the forum is not sufficiently arguable.

As for me, I have had a lot of time after retirement, other than taking care of grandkids, and find pleasure in communicating with like minded individuals. I have always have and even now, have issues which can be an asset when communicated, albeit in a relevant way. I have no problem with very difficult persons, who are here for other reasons, some are desperately lonely, yet philosophy and other areas of thought can bring forth unexplored issues which we may all share one way or another

I think it is important to be truthful (primarily to ourselves).
I think it is also important to be authentic.

Next is as Maslow suggests: actualization, but I suppose, in the minds of most people self acceptance depends on it.

Jr Wells -

Are you unwell?
Why are you on ILP?
Do you seek growth or do you seek comfort?

Sanjay -

1 - No, I am not unwell in any way.

2 - I am at the ILP to know how people use to think about diffetent philosophical issues around the world.

3 - At the end of the day, I seek comfort, but the problem is that cannot be achieved without having growth.

With love,

I am sorry Sanjay, I do not believe your statement 1.
But I believe that maybe you believe it.

I am unwell. I am crazy.

Wells, that statement may have some dramatic appeal with some, but I am not buying it. The jest of it, is too peripheral for such a serious topic.

What is in there to not believe?

I do not see any unwellness in me, unless you want to define it too broadly and include each and every nuance in it.

Secondly, I am not crazy at all, no matter how liberally you want to define craziness.

With love,

You get that sometimes here, as on most places where people come that with or without reason pride themselves on their intellect: people asking questions and then when someone answers them, retorting with superior “skepsis”: nuh uhhh, not true!

Remnants from childhood. The internet is full of such “trolling” as I think the word is.

It’s a question of standards.


Define ‘well’?

Couldn’t we define the world as an asylum?

Aren’t we all either of the class; ‘mostly well, somewhat unwell’ or the class; ‘mostly unwell and sometimes well’? So, proportions rather than absolutes.

So you rate yourself as 100% psychologically well and 0% unwell.
Do you think this is an interesting state of existence?

Would you classify your post as trolling?

I don’t care what you buy or not buy. I am not selling you anything.

Agreed, but people tend to see themselves in absolutes (not in proportions).

What standards?