Arete, a board game on Ancient Philosophy

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Hello All,

A bit about myself (short, I promise): I am an undergraduate in philosophy at the University of Las Vegas, Nevada. I really like philosophy and wanted to contribute something to this world related to it, but being a pretty mediocre philosopher myself I decided to make a game instead of publishing on it or teaching it to others.

I originally posted the game at the “Works in Progress” section of the Board Game Geeks discussion forums, and I would greatly appreciate it if any of you philosophers, majors and enthusiasts would at least check it out. I’ve also put up the game for “Print and Play” free of charge, for those interested. … and-athens

To those who have studied Greek or devoted their lives to it, I will make this disclaimer: I caved into peer pressure while having people play test the game and used an upper-case delta as an ‘A’ in the title design. However, as an excuse (not a justification), I will say that “Elysium” takes this form of artistic license to even more egregious heights (though their game is a lot more fun).

Any questions, comments and/or criticisms are welcomed; I’ll even take hate speech.

Thanks for looking!


I saw you had a listing of cards for pupils. Do the philosophers Gay-Rape their pupils in the game, like they did in real life?

No, the game has been adequately sanitized for modern consumption, though you may take me to task on ‘adequately’ and ‘modern’.

I don’t know if I can play it then, takes the realism away, less interesting.

How about, you roll the dice, if you get a two, you get tagged team, rough in the butt, by Aristotle and Theophrastus.

Does the board game cards include Socrates many secret lovers or prostitutes? That would be super authentic.

We could entitle some of the cards something on the lines of Socrates getting his dick wet in the amphitheater.

A follow up card would be something on the lines of, oops I just busted a nut in that girl’s mouth in the agora.

I think that would be a splendid and super sweet idea.

The bonus card would consist Diogene Of Sinope publicly masturbating in the phora.

I use that last one as a avatar on some forums.

Neat. For some reason I am having a weird thought of Diogenes Of Sinope masturbating in an ancient Greek market place where he accidentally ejaculates on a dirty flea infested dog that randomly passes by him.

If he was masturbating, the ejaculation could hardly be regarded as accidental.

I dunno, my mother said I was a accident, so at what point did the accident begin? Wouldn’t the flying stream of cum be part of the sequence of the accident? It was intentional, yet accidental, as it was the formative aspect of accidenthood. Or Dasein.

I think we are talking about the inadvertent consequence of an intetional act. So, the masturbating was the intentional act and the ejaculation was a predictable consequence of it. To be honest, it was almost certainly the entire purpose of it. The accidental element in the scenario was the unintended and unforseen receipt of the substance of the ejaculation by the incidentally passing dog. I deliberately ommited the role of the dog from my post for comedic reasons.

No, Diogenes was known to spontaneously masturbate upon getting unexpectedly aroused (look into Heraclitian flux and write a book if you care on this).

I recall a few quotes, that suggests neither purpose not moderation in the activity, but rather reflexive spotaniety. Its unknown if he was driven fully by the need to ejaculate, or the impulse to react eroyically within the event… once over, it would of been artificial to continue on. Evidence:

Of the most important quott I couldn’t find on the net, it comes from “The Cynic Epistles”, Diogenes arrived to young men wrestling, and saw them doing a rather lackluster job, and condoned them for engaging in the act half heartedly, demanding they strive for realism and excellence. He engaged with one of the boys, a well shaven Aristocrat, and suddenly found himself aroused, and stopped wrestling and began jerking off instead. The boy became horrified and ran, Diogenes shrugging it off saying what do you expect him to do if you get him aroused!

Now… how long did he stick to the act? I myself have had a few sessions that can go on forever… really set your day back… had all these plans, but instead never left the bed, just none stop going St it, determined to finish. Then I would finish… a few minutes later, right back at it. Did Diogenes have a libido like this? Was ejaculation tied to the erotica, or was the masturbation tied to erotica? If you move the arousal element, is the ejaculation still intentional?

Was it his aim, or was he Zen about it, choosing not to connect the beginning and end.

The first time I masturbated, it wasn’t to ejaculate. Maybe there is a spontaneous Zen state where sex isn’t the ejaculation. Like the stories in ancient china how if a man can maintain having sex through orgasms, but manage not to cum ten times in a row, in one sex session, he would become a immortal. Every ejaculation is accidental in that case.

Food for thought, spot on the carpet, makes you pause and reconsider…

True, but I was talking about accidentally ejaculating on the passing by street dog.

I mean, who gets their kicks off by ejaculating on a dog intentionally? That’s just weird.

And it’s your contention that this Diogenes guy isn’t weird enough to commit such an act intentionally?

You’re right, he just might of got his kicks off doing such things intentionally.