Aristocratic Welfare

It is no secret that those in power fictitiously authorized laws into existence in order for their own protectionism of guarding their private property and themselves.

They also hire mercenaries of all kinds to enforce their laws whether they be federal, military, or local law enforcement.

For now on I shall refer to government or laws as aristocratic welfare and protectionism for law is nothing more than governmental socialism of the affluential.

I dig it.

There is the old saying of Max Stirner also known as Johann Kaspar Schmidt that the state calls it’s own violence law while calling that of the individual a crime.

I think with the subject of this thread he would of been more accurate in saying that anything which goes against the social welfare or protectionism of the wealthy aristocracy that makes up the bulk of the state is described as crime. It really is a bit more in-depth of a description I think.

Remember if you go against the socialized welfare or protectionism of the aristocracy in power you are considered a criminal and terrorist.

All hail the socialized welfare of the state! sarcasm

BTW, joker, how’s the baby coming? Does your fiance have pre-natal care insurance coverage? Is her delivery covered? Does she have well-baby care? Does she have everything she needs to give birth to the next joker? I’m serious. I tend to worry about things like that.

Could of moved that question to mundane babble, no? Stay on point when it concerns the topic.

But it does concern the topic, James. You’re against socialism, aren’t you?

I am neither for socialism or capitalism in that I find both equally repulsive.

The topic is about government or corporate welfare into themselves not about me.

They fictitiously draw up laws?

Could you give some specfic laws you consider to be “aristocratic welfare”?

If not i’m going to assume this is just your way of justifying criminal activity.

All laws are fictitiously authored by the aristocracy. They certainly do not come from nature even though they certainly like pretending that they are handed down as such.

At any rate all people will justify anything in order to get what they want.

It is all about selling the bullshit.

So they don’t really author the laws? Just ficticiously, as in they don’t?

They don’t? Humans are natural beings, laws are guidlines and restrictions created by said beings.

Perhaps but it doesn’t make them inherintly bad or liars it all depends on what exactley they are trying to justify and whether or not they are sincire about it.

jlw----what do you want???

Well, if you WERE making a point, the answer would be that the state coerces you into using those services by muscling out any traditional or regional health practices. How? Simple: print a piece of paper where it says that whoever tries to help a baby get born without the proper set of pieces of paper sent from the state gets hunted down by the internal armed forces; to be processed and trapped inside a small room for a while.

In Twenty-Nine States, midwives are neither licensed nor regulated.

And a piece of ground covered by a leaf or something can stay dry even after a storm.

I would say, “Touche’,” but this particular leaf covers 58% of the ground, at least, in the U.S.

No, the whole issue, including the other 42% of the US, is the leaf. Most cases don’t have exeptions outside of crime.

While I admit I’m still confused and rather nonplussed by your OP ^^, my point was to determine to what extent you and your fiance make use of what you call “aristocratic Welfare.” Perhaps I simply stopped at the word ‘welfare’ and went no further in trying to understand what you’d written. IOW, ‘welfare’ was the one word that–combined with ‘socialism’ had enough meaning for me to reply to you OP–that, and your evidenced denigration of what you think of as the ‘affluent.’

Pezer, I assume you’ve never been pregnant so you’d never have any need to know what the birthing costs are. But you are aware of the pre-natal costs, aren’t you? You do realize, don’t you, that a pregnant woman should be monitored for weight gain and proper nutrition (and that isn’t just “eating for two”); they should also be monitored for endocrine disorders, such as diabetes and thyroid upsets; hypertension, anemia, bleeding disorders, etc., etc., etc. Then there’s the birthing process itself, with all its potential problems, and post-natal care for both the mother and the baby.

But the thread isn’t about the cost of giving birth, it has to do with “aristocratic welfare.” It has to do with how the Joker persona views the existences of the have-nots–“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore…” as Emma Lazarus said. It’s all very Romantic, but the ranting solves nothing, imm.

Can you blame a slave for eating the food that is thrown at him/her?

We are all slaves. Even those who see it, we are slaves too.

I want the abomination of global modern civilization to burn and be destroyed over night. I want to watch those who have enjoyed privilege, entitlements, or special status to lose it all so I can be there to watch eventually preying upon them like they have done to me for so many years and others like myself.

I want those who have enjoyed the safe insulated comforts of power to fall and see the bewilderment on their faces when they come to the realization that the power they once commanded has completely faded. I would take pleasure in seeing such dethroned individuals mucking about learning what it is like to have and be nothing.

That is the sort of disruption I would like to see on a global scale and currently how the world is going in direction I just may get my chance in finally having sweet revenge all the while enjoying the entire irony of it all.

This thread is about how the aristocratic social class or those of powerfully affluential create and enforce laws where each law maintained becomes it’s own form of welfare by the issuers.

The socialized welfare of the aristocracy of course is not for everybody equally but instead is only meant for themselves where they create laws to shield themselves from everybody else and enforce them so that any rebellion to them becomes squashed.

What I am saying is that those in power specifically in modern times enjoy their own form of welfare that is socialized by their own issuing of law. Corporate welfare being a example.

So long as any law exists it creates a insulated form of socialized welfare by the very people that fabricates them which they get to enjoy to themselves at everybody elses expense.

All authority is it’s own form of welfare.