Arnie's back


I’d like just to like to express my greatest jubilations that Arnold Schwarznegger is now the governor of California.

  • ben

I wanted the porn star :frowning:

Right now (hahaha), I’m extremely annoyed with and sorry for the people of Cali

It’s a farce, but no more so than American democracy as a whole recently. The last 3 years have really affirmed and re-affirmed Chomsky for me; the endless misleading of the populace is shameless.

Aw c’mon. I don’t know that Arnold’ll change much in California, but the people voted; it was a pretty smooth election with a great turnout. That’s Democracy. If anything it’s the legislators fault for giving California a recall option. This election was a matter of a bunch of unhappy people voting for change, which was their right.

And I’m sorry Metavoid, but I’d have to question the credibility of your links here: