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50,000 Yale Scholarship?

DOWNING Street was under pressure last night to explain how Euan Blair has secured a Pounds 50,000 scholarship at a leading American university.

Yale, the Ivy League institution where President George W Bush and Bill Clinton studied, has offered the Prime Minister’s son a two- year postgraduate place.

Insiders said it was highly unusual for anyone to land a scholarship with fees paid. Students generally pay their own way.

Yale will gain considerable PR value from having Euan among its students because his father is a popular figure in the U.S…

And questions were being asked last night as to whether the Blairs are taking advantage of the Prime Minister’s prestige to secure a topflight education for their son.

Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker said: 'Tony Blair should clear the decks and make clear what the position is.

‘Should the Prime Minister be using his name to ensure his son gets a top- class education not available to others?’ A Downing Street spokesman insisted it was a private matter but sources at Number 10 confirmed that Euan had secured the Yale scholarship.

The 22 year old who graduated from Bristol University with a 2:1 in ancient history last year will study for a master’s degree in international relations starting in the autumn.

An MA at Yale costs around Pounds 17,200 a year plus annual living expenses of Pounds 9,900. That puts the bill for two years of study at Pounds 54,200.

It is not known on what grounds the scholarship was awarded.

It is highly unlikely that the cost was funded by the U.S. government as it would be a matter of public record.

The money is likely either to have come directly from Yale or from one of the many private foundations that help students with their fees.

The scholarship will save Mr Blair and his wife Cherie who have mortgage repayments of Pounds 16,000 a month on their properties from having to foot the bill.

A British graduate of Yale said: ‘This strikes me as really weird. I don’t know anyone who has been given a scholarship for an MA.’ The revelation follows news that Euan has left the office of a Democrat congresswoman after just two weeks.

Roll Call, an influential Washington political journal, reported that he was ‘a wee bit on the spoiled side’ and was ‘bored’ by an intern’s work which consists mainly of photocopying and opening post.

He spent two and a half months working as an unpaid intern for Republican congressman David Dreier.

He was scheduled to put in the same time with Democrat Jane Harman who is a critic of U.S.

policy in Iraq but quit her office abruptly last week.

Downing Street claimed he left to spend more time studying ahead of the MA but insiders said Euan’s acceptance letter from Yale was sent to Number 10 back in March.

He is also believed to be planning a holiday rather than concentrating on his studies.

Euan began his gap year with two months of ‘work experience’ at a Paris radio station owned by the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy chain.

He enjoyed an estimated Pounds 40,000 worth of perks including the use of a Pounds 2million apartment and a chauffeur-driven Mercedes with bodyguard.

During his time in Washington, he regularly ventured into the city’s Latin quarter where he partied into the early hours.

On one occasion he visited a blues bar named Madam’s Organ, famous for the scantily- clad women that dance on its bar.

Euan is likely to fit in at Yale, which has a reputation for partying. Based in New Haven, Connecticut, two hours north of New York, it is said to be where George Bush ‘graduated in drinking’.

Yale officials refused to discuss the scholarship. … chel23.xml


Hello F(r)iends,

A British graduate of Yale said: This strikes me as really weird.
Well, if it’s weird, then perhaps it must be part of a conspiracy.
Or perhaps there is a parallelism between Yale and Nazi college…


There is no need to be sarcastic Thirst. It was simply a piece of information. Do what you like with it.


Hello F(r)iends,

I did as I pleased with it…
AS AN ASIDE: I thought one of the rules at ILP was not just to post things without some sort of feedback or personal contribution. I was merely positing some assistance in how this might be a SOCIAL STUDIES topic.

Why are you so defensive?


From my perspective you are being hostile and frankly with this attitude the only thing you are doing is chasing me away. I really don’t wish to fight with you people. I just want to put out information that seems odd to me. Please I must ask you to leave my other thread out of this one. You have a nasty little habit of crossing stuff over or carrying stuff from other threads. Will you not do that please? Will you please not make assumptions as to why I post something, perhaps instead you will ask me why I posted this particular topic or offer me your insight. But to come in guns blazing ready only to ridicule, don’t expect me to be forthcoming. In fact, keep the thread.

I’m done.


Hello F(r)iends,

LA, I bear no hostilities towards you (quite the opposite). Perhaps you are projecting hostilities you bear towards me? Perhaps the problem is with my chosen method of communicating? But I simply refuse to be enslaved to a polite society.

Have I insulted you? Have I attacked you? Have I mistreated you?
I do not wish to fight but I do refuse to speak politely.
I will not apologize because my tone offends you.

For that, I do apologize. You are correct in that I cross over a lot of stuff…
Though, usually it is because I think there is some parallel. It is not done maliciously.

How can I help but make assumptions when you did not offer a single word of your own besides the thread. If anything, that comes off like an invitation for guesses. That you don’t like my particular guess is perhaps more at the heart of your reaction to my post.

Let me change my tone: Why did you find this story odd?


I don’t have friends that treat me the way you treat me. I’m too sweet for all of this really. When you start acting out of your loving heart Thirst, I’ll come running. Until then…leave me be.


Hello F(r)iends,

You should be so lucky to have a friend like me in 3D. I won’t lie to you or sugar coat the truth. I will spell it out for you, I will tell you what I think rather than lie to make you happy. I don’t want anything from you, I am not taking anything from you, I am not intruding upon you.

Is it normal that when things get tough you run away?
You are acting out of fear, anger, and perhaps shame.
You think this is about my heart? No. It’s about yours.

I will not address you again, unless you ask it of me.


Shame I reserve for the gods. I’m not running away, I’m choosing my battles. Fear? No dear, I’m not afraid of you, I’m too sensitive for you. You have no idea what my life is like for you to ask me when things get tough if I run away. You simply have no idea. Yes this is about my heart. Exactly my point. All I really want is honest, sincere discourse. Nothing more, nothing less. It is your hardness that prevents me from playing with you. There is no room for me there. Fair enough.


Hello F(r)iends,

LA, I don’t know if I should interpret your response as asking me to address you or not…


Your armour is so ready to detonate if someone as much as brushes up against you. You don’t have to be hard and insensitive to be honest. That kind of honesty is designed to cut. I’m so sore from all the lacerations you (gentle)men dish out around here that anything you say coming at me with those knives is going to be treated in defense. By all means speak to me, but put away those knives.


hmmmm… i started thinking this was a post about “back room deals” that happen all the time in politics. who new it was something different?

saddly this is one of the only ways to be honest, the truth is neather soft of sensitive, its not nessearaly hard and insensitive eather, it just is, but is usually comes off this way :cry:

If you think this is the only way to be honest, you haven’t yet explored the depths and wisdom of honesty.


hmmmm… maybe (see i’m being honest), lol

And your honest response was neither hard nor insensitive.


Spoils for men in power is nothing new. Nothing shocking either.

but it was also not soft nor sensitive :wink:

There should be no need for liquidangel to defend herself for her comments in this thread. I was out of line–something that occurs often… LA, I am sorry for my brutish behavior, my disregard, and my rudeness.

Sure. No problem.


ummm… i wasn’t trying to attack you liquidangel, i simply disagreed with something you said, i thought we were talking politely, i hope you take no disrespect/bad feelings/or anything else negative from me. :smiley: