Aryavarta and Aryan Ideology

Two years ago, when the former Bulgarian Tzar, Simeon II, won the democratic elections in Bulgaria and became the first king in the new history elected by the vote of the people, many a political analyst asked one and the same sacred question: When and how Simeon will reinstall the monarchy?

See the scandalous fascist flags in front of the Presidency and MP House

Just a conjecture. Could it be that Mr. Purvanov, who is now receiving Dr. Abdul Kamal, the President of India, has gone so far as to identify Aryavarta with the Fascist Arian Ideology. Anyway, the two enormous svastika in the center of Sofia look very strange, if not ominous.

did you write the article yourself, because I don’t think plagerism is accepted here. I’m not a moderator, but edit your post so that you give credit to the individual(s) that wrote those words. And concerning those flags…cool.

Cool? I’d be horrified if it were my country. Is this article really true Imago?